Saturday, April 30, 2011

-1584 Words and Faux Humility

 Writer friends, I am honest-to-God editing. For the first time, I am losing words.  Like a long overdue haircut, it feels really, really good.

You know how you read all those writing-blog posts about how to make your book snappier and more exciting, and draw readers in from the get go, like this fabulous recent one from my wish-she-was-my-friend Kiersten?  And how they always say, "Cut your first chapter, because you don't really need it?"  And how you're all, "Hmmm, I'm sure that's really great advice, I'll really have to consider that when I'm editing."  But then when you actually get to editing, you're all, "Whoa, I'm sure that's great advice for most writers, but my first chapter is flawless and not boring at all and also one hundred percent completely necessary?"  But then one of your betas gives you some excellent, lovingly scathing critique, and guess what she says?

Just guess.

"Cut the first chapter."


Anyway.  I cut a lot of the first chapter, and rewrote the rest of it.  So I lost about 3000  words and wrote a new 1200 or so.  And I have to say - it felt good.  Really good.

But you know what felt better?

I sent the revision to my Very Important Friend in the Publishing Industry and guess what?  No, guess.

He asked for a full.  A FULL.  As in, "Please send me your whole freaking book, because I maybe might want to think about publishing it."

Needless to say, I am freaking out.  I have a month to pull everything together, and I'm so excited and baffled and.....whoa.

Anyone want to beta?  (eeek)

Words written:  -1584
Total Words: 76658
Listening To: (or rather, watching) ALIAS, Season 2