Monday, February 14, 2011

255 Words, (a Rough Day,) and Plotting for the First Time Ever

Today was a super-rough day.  I had a phone call today that didn't go the way I had hoped, not even remotely so.  It was one of those, "hey, you should probably examine your self-worth, if you have any left.  Because you totally suck." kinds of calls.  Not in so many words, but at least that's what I took away from it.
So I spent a couple of hours crying.  Then my head hurt and my eyes were all burny and exhausted - you know the feeling.

And- I still hadn't done any writing, because I had been so stressed about the call before it happened! 
I had, however, done my very first bit of outlining for the book EVER!!!  I'm normally a "pantser" (plot/character as I go,) but for this subplot of the book I found that there were so many little pieces and details to get right that I had to sketch it out.  Hopefully I can start writing those bits in in the next few days.  When my eyes aren't so tired.

For a happy post instead of my Debbie-Downerisms, head over here to read the contributions to the  "Just Kiss Already" Event.  Squeeeeeeeeee!!!! You know I love the kissing scenes.

Words written: 255
Total Words: 55621
Listening to: You don't want to know.
Obsessed with: Ohio