Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Obsessions: Snow, Crit Projects, and the Kindle

Before we begin!
Some housekeeping.

First up, there's an amazing literary/writer's auction happening over at Write Dreams to benefit Donna's Dream House, which helps KIDS IN THE HOSPITAL, so, you know, it's really important. Anyway, someone set fire to it right before Christmas, those jerks, and now Donna is trying to rebuild so that sick kids can hang out with their families a little more while they're staying in the hospital.

So if you have some extra holiday cash lying around and want to use it for a good cause and get writing help from the pros as a really nice bonus, GO BID!!! (Remember, they're bidding in pounds, so...yeah. Do your conversions.)

Second! The winner of the Brodi Ashton Classy Author Giveaway is.....

(I swear to you I did the random draw and whatnot, but I'm too lazy to do the screenshot, etc, so you'll just have to believe me.)

Who said, "In a weird way, stories like Brodi's are so satisfying to hear. Insofar as, here is someone who really *wants* it. Who works for it and keeps at it because it's what she's called to do, not just because it's something to do. And it's a fantastic light to the rest of us who struggle with the rejections and the self-doubt and the looming fear of the not so great What If." 

To which I say: Damn straight. Congrats, Corey! (Though, I can't for the life of me find your email address, so shoot me a message with your address and whether you'd like EVERNEATH on Kindle or in hard copy, okay?)

Okay. Now, on with the obsessions!

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. The Forecast.

So, right now (5 AM on posting day,) the weather looks like this:
Fullscreen capture 1202012 45623 AM

Which...okay. Whatever. I just pretty much HATE this whole "ten degrees and cloudy" nonsense if the weather's not going to oblige and at least give us some pretty snow to look at. So every morning these days I'm going to and just hoping....

Well, guess what I saw this morning!!!
Fullscreen capture 1202012 45623 AM-1

Which pretty much has me doing this:
Snoopy dance 3

Yep. Even though it won't shut down work or school, or really even accumulate that much, I love a good Shabbat snow. So pretty to watch, so nice to curl up with a great book. Which brings me to....

2. Crit Projects LYM and TB
As soon as I finish pushing through this revision high on ONE (yes, ba''H, ptuh ptuh ptuh, my CPs helped pep talk my sorry behind through my revision wall from last week and I'm ALMOST DONE) I'm spending ALL WEEKEND with books from members of the team. I'll probably finish in-lines on Gina's fab new YA romance.

You need to be jealous - because my goodness is it ever romantic. Fellow LYM team member Marieke compared Gina's writing to Sarah Dessen's, and I agree, not because I've ever read Sarah Dessen, but because her writing made her famous and Gina's gonna have the same situation.

And then - did I mention? - I snagged (okay, obtained through endless month-long harassment) a very early copy of TB, which is about TIME DRAGONS I mean HOLY GEEZ, you guys - from Jamie Grey. And you guys, the writing is SO BEAUTIFUL and the characters? Love them. So I get to finish reading that and send my comments this weekend too.

Cannot. Wait.

3. My Kindle 
Call me snobby or elitist or a Hater of Paper Books, but I'm in love with my Kindle. I wouldn't get NEARLY the volume of reading or writing (yes, the Kindle is an IMMENSE help to my writing, I'll do a post on it) without my baby in her sweet eggshell-blue case.

My Kindle, tag-teaming it with my netbook to edit ONE.

Plus, when I send ONE to the Kindle, it looks just like all the other books that are actually published by People Who Publish Things. At I'm not gonna lie, that's a rush.

Okay, your turn!!! What were YOU obsessed with this week?


  1. Is "ptuh ptuh ptuh" you spitting 3 times? You need to stop being so adorable. Because it makes me want to hug you.

    Marieke basically made my whole week with her review of LYM. You guys are going to fool me into thinking I might have a shot at this <3333

    And we're getting snow this weekend too! Which is good and bad - good because I love it, bad because Dom had planned to go to work on Saturday and now he says he's working from home. So hello, getting nothing done! *cries*

  2. Thanks for the Write Dreams shout out! <33

    So most important things first, I want snow *pouts* Instead all we have is rain and something that decidedly does not resemble winter. (No idea what it *does* resemble.)

    Yay for ONE revisions! So exciting! It'll be awesome!

    And Gina, you DEFINITELY have a shot at this. Absolutely no doubt about it! <3

    NOW READ SARAH DESSEN ALREADY, both of you! Geez! :D

  3. I'm obsessed with snow too!! We haven't gotten any yet this year, but last night it snowed just a little bit and now we have a pretty light layer on everything, and I love it :) I can't wait until it snows for real though, at least a few inches.

  4. @Gina - YES! You have to spit three times when you share good news to keep the evil eye away. Duh.

    Marieke made my week when she read my book too. :)

    @Marieke - Oh, HEY! I would read Sarah Dessen, but I only like straight romance when G writes it. #truefact

    @Amanda - I mostly like snow for the pretty too. :)

  5. Mmmm....I'm so loving my Kindle too. And I so want to hear how it helps your writing.

  6. Seeing my book (or my CPs') on my Kindle is one of the greatest things EVER. Obsessions this week? My new WIP! I didn't understand what you meant about ONE helping you get over TT until now. Of course this helps: My new male MC :D

  7. Leigh Ann--I've only been following your blog for a little while, but I love your upbeat and quirky posts. We (some fellow bloggers and I) are awarding you the Liebster Award:

    Please feel free to pass it forward (if you can fit it into your long to-do list! I know you have a lot going on).

  8. I've been obsessed with reading blogs this week and working on a new website.


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