Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Critique Partners 2.0 - Inspiration for our Work, and Book Recommendations!

Hey, sweet readers!

I am just over the moon that my CPs and I are vlogging now. I mean, I'm seriously psyched. We're getting comfortable with a new tool in self-marketing - which we'll all need for book promos verrrrry soon obviously - and most importantly, we get to hang out without leaving our houses! (Or, um, changing out of our pajama pants.)

Last week, I asked the crew where they got their inspiration for their work. Jenny answered, and asked us a new question for this week: (also her cutie little boy is in here, *smoosh*)

Do we have some book recommendations?

Uh, yeah. Obviously.

Here's my answer, and next week's question (plus! All four of my monsters cuties! *smoosh smoosh*)

Megan's book recs, including one book she DEFINITELY DOESN'T OWN. And neither do I. *ahem* And the inspiration for her fabulous querying MS, BETWEEN.

Chessie's inspiration for ALL OF EVERYTHING, and her pre-emptive answer to next week's question.

Marieke tells us all about the BEAUTIFUL inspiration for her about-to-query-MS, and makes her CATS NARRATE THE VIDEO.

The inspiration for Gina's AMAZING ROMANCES, featuring the now-famous "bitch face."

Maggie shares her inspiration for her YA international thriller, The Elite, and also HER HAIR CONTROLS THE LIGHT OMG.

Also! Angi shares all about her first published work. It's AMAZING.

Stef shares LIVE FROM HER CAR about the ever-painful experience of SHELVING A MANUSCRIPT (been there. It is ALL THE PAIN.)

And meet my sweet Ohio State writing friend Abbey, who responded during a study break.

Wheeeeee! Isn't this fun?

Do you have a vlog this week?  Link up, loves!


  1. Yay vlogs!! Okay, you just have the cutest children ever. I have no idea how you're concentrating on talking with all that going on around you, LOL. It just makes me even more impressed that you find time to write! Also, great book recs :)

  2. Dang, guys--we are pretty awesome.

  3. I second Maggie's comment. We rock. Even if I look like I'm about to hurt someone for the whole first minute of my vlog.

  4. Absolutely! Catching up on the few I hadn't seen yet, but so much awesome!!! (And surprisingly fun to do. When did that happen?! O.o)

  5. I love your girls! And I also love SHIVER ( good!) I have POSSESSION sitting on my TBR pile, which now got extremely big because of BEA. Yeah I got 10 galleys. Uh I will not be reading anything else for the next few months lol. My inspiration for writing is movies and books and sometimes "what if" questions :)

    1. I hate to doubla post but i also updated my blog about BEA and the many sci-fi galleys I ended up getting :)

  6. Vlogs scare me because I can't delete and re-shoot. And sometimes I ramble. And I get weirded out watching myself talk.

    Found you from the Blofee - new follower :)


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