Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thank-You

Hey, sweet readers! It's time for Thursday thank-yous again, and I have a TON this week.

First and foremost: Thank you to all of YOU, my sweet readers. My post from Monday on not being a douchebag when you give people writing and publishing tips got over 400 views and 50 comments in 48 hours (it looks like 105, but half of those are my responses.) I lost track of how many retweets the link got, but a bunch of wonderful writers and rockstar agents Erin Niumata and Jennifer Laughran all joined in. So thank you thank you thank you for coming over here and joining in the conversation. I'm glad we're part of such a supportive community that is so excited to climb the ladder alongside people instead of imagining ourselves rungs above and acting like we're better. (Most of the time.)

Second: Thanks to Cait, who read the first draft of Solving for Ex in lickety-split time and gave me line notes (!) even though she has plenty of her own stuff to do. And for talking me down when I had a panic attack that the book actually sucks and was a waste of seven weeks of my life.

Third: Thanks to Gina, for still loving me even when I'm completely insufferable. Love you like a sis, G.

Fourth: Thanks to Jess, who BAKED ME COOKIES and then SENT THEM TO ME. I'm overwhelmed, not to mention completely in love with the baked goods. She even wrote me  note and calligraphed the envelope! I mean, come on:
Once in awhile, it's nice to know that someone loves you just because you're you, and goes out of her way to show you. Thanks, Jess.

Fifth: Thanks to Valerie, who's reading my MS even though she's SLAMMED at work, and even though she's only 50% of the way through, sent me a gushing email, imagining fandoms and also telling me my hair looks pretty. Wow.

Sixth: Thanks to Amy, who took some gorgeous new headshots of me at the drop of a dime. If you're in Central Ohio, or are ever visiting, give her a call and she'll do some amazing work for you. Tell her I sent you.

Remember, if you want to join in on the Thursday Thank yous, I'm sure your thankees would appreciate it. Link up, please, because I'd love to see them. <3 i="i">
See you tomorrow for an especially teeny-boppy installment of Friday Obsessions!


  1. You're so sweet, Leigh Ann. Keep being you. :)

  2. Love you too. One of these days I'm taking Rami up on his offer and showing up on your doorstep. With food.

    Now I'm just gonna take a minute and relive the moment when you wrote the best blog post ever and the awesomeness of the people who spread it around Twitter.

    1. *snugs* Please do.

      And, yeah. Especially those retweeters, huh? ;)

  3. You and Cait are rocking those revisions!! :)

    And those headshots were beautiful, dare I say, inspirational ;) #elfprincess

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