Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are You a Misfit? (YA Misfits Launch Giveaway!)

— n

a person not suited in behaviour or attitude to a particular social environment

Yep. I've been a misfit in so many different environments, in so many different ways. Depending on the situation, my abilities, attitudes, voice, background, looks, and personality have failed to fit in one way or another.

In fact, I feel like a misfit in pretty much every situation. I'm not like the other rabbis, or the other moms. I'm generally pretty at home in the writing community, but even y'all have to admit that YA superhero origin romance stories are pretty few and far between.

*insert shaky smile*

Which is why I'm so honored to be one of the founding YA Misfits - a ragtag group of Young Adult writers who are changing the world of YA Lit, one novel at a time.

Speaking of superheroes. I think I always loved them because being a superhero was about being a misfit, and finding your place in the world anyway. The supervillains were the ones who got angry and tried to exact revenge. But the heroes...they were something special.

They were misfits, and they were damaged, yeah. But they turned that into something positive. It may have taken them a long time to get there, but they were courageous, and determined. They found their place in the world by making their misfit-ness into something awesome, into a contribution, instead of something to be ashamed of.

I guess I wrote a superhero novel because I hope to do the same thing.

In celebration of the YA Misfits' launch today, I'm giving away two superhero DVDs, full of misfitty awesomeness, that inspired me to write about kids who turned their different-ness into awesomeness.
(Also, I named my main characters after a character from each of them. I HAVE to share.)

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Volume 1

There's Jan VanDyne, AKA "The Wasp," Elias's namesake. She is FIERCE.

X-men Volume One (The awesome 1992 cartoon. Yes.)

X-Men: Volume One (Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection) 
Aaaand here's Jean Grey:
 total badass, quintessential smart-girl heroine, and Merrin's namesake.
One entry for doing each of the following: (just tell me you did it in your comment - I trust you.)
1. Follow the YAMisfits blog
2. Follow the YAMisfits on Twitter
3. Enter the YA Misfits Launch KINDLE GIVEAWAY.
4. Follow this blog.
5. Follow me on Twitter.
6. "Like" me on Facebook.
 (hey, don't judge.)
7. Tell me your favorite superhero, or, heck, ANY misfit character. 

The giveaway ends on Thursday at noon, so you can have your DVDs for your weekend viewing pleasure.
U.S. only, I'm afraid. :(

Thanks so much for coming over, and GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. Hello! I believe I have done ALL THE THINGS on the list (except follow the YA Misfits blog, which I am going to do as soon as I finish writing this), and answered the question about my favorite misfit character.

    I think I love Frodo and Bilbo Baggins: The only hobbits in the history of hobbits with wanderlust and a sense of adventure. Not to mention the courage to save the known world! :)

  2. I stalk...er...follow all of the above. ;D

    I get the who Misfit thing. I was/am one myself. I think there are only a few professions that I would even fit into, and even then I'm not sure. Librarian, Author, Programmer. Yeah, I love superheros. I've always wanted to be one. I've been collecting comic books for over 20 years now.

    I think being a misfit is awesome. We think outside the box and aren't afraid of being different. Yeah, I'm sure a part of us would like to fit in with the "in" crowd, but they don't get us. :D

    Congrats on being part of the YAMisfits. Looks like an awesome group of authors.

  3. Ok, following YA Misfits blog and twitter and entered for the kindle. And following your blog and twitter. As for my favorite misfit? I LOVE Veronica Mars. Total misfit that kicked booty! (And Logan? Come on, love Logan) I still adore and miss Hiro from Hero's. Save the Cheerleader! Save the World! Most adorkable hero ever ;)

  4. 1. Follow the Misfits' blog: check!
    2. Follow the Misfits on Twitter: check!
    3. Enter the Kindle giveaway: check!
    4. Follow this blog: check!
    5. Follow you on Twitter: ALL the checks!
    6. Like you on Facebook: check!
    7. Favorite superhero/misfit: that remains the Doctor, specifically the 10th, but I like the 9th and 11th a lot too.

  5. So I've done #1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 (favorite superhero is Wonder Woman--love the gold bracelets and lasso.) You didn't ask for contact info, but here it is anyway. ^_^ yascribe.angelina(at)gmail(dot)com

    Best wishes with the awesome YAMisfits!

  6. I already do 1-6 (of course!) and my favorite superhero is usually Batman. But I have to say I think I'm going for misfit this time and saying that I love Green Arrow. He's just misunderstood, right? That's all the makings of a misfit right there. And you know where to find me. ;)

  7. I did ALL THE THINGS except the like on facebook.

    MY fave misfit is DOCTOR WHO! He's totally a superhero too, and has a TARDIS which makes me mad jealous. But he's the last of his kind, and that's so sad:( What's more misfit than that? :(

    Love the blogs (this and the new one), and good luck with everything! :D

  8. Think I've done just about everything listed - but is this giveaway open internationally?

  9. I've done... some of the things. I can't figure out to follow this blog or the YAMisfits blog because I am seriously, seriously challenged by technology. But I wanted to say good luck with the launch and I'm looking forward to all the things YAMisfits has to offer!

    Also, my favorite superhero is, obviously, Batman. (Sorry Leigh Ann. ;)) BUT I really have many "favorites", including plenty of Marvel guys and gals as well. Jean Grey/Phoenix, Spider-Man (in the comics- didn't love him in the movies but haven't seen the new one), Ant Man and The Wasp, Deadpool, Captain America... I'll stop now.

    1. Just realized you have pictures of The Wasp AND Jean Grey! See? So much in common. Ha

  10. Congratulations on the launch, Leigh Ann!
    I can't wait to see all the goodness that's sure to come out of the weekday posts and commentary between all you awesome ladies.
    I really enjoyed the correlation you made in this post between misfits and superheros. So often the superheros are the ones that don't quite fit in, and are usually pretty comfortable staying out of the limelight.
    For the contest:
    I've completed #1-6 (most of them a while ago).
    #7: I'd have to say lately, I'm all about Batman (from the The Dark Knight movie series, though I could do without Christian's odd batman voice). I know he's DC and not Marvel, please don't judge me ;-) For me, it was the character buiding in the movie trilogy that won me over: he's trying so hard to do the noble thing, all while getting in his own way (revenge, insecurity, etc). I love big personal flaws in my heros!
    Your posts on the publication journey have been great inspiration!

  11. Hey! :) I follow you on Twitter, and I follow the Misfits blog...

    I think some of my favorite misfit characters are my own. ^^ I gotta say, my ex-assassin chick with spider powers is a FANTASTIC misfit, if I do say so myself, and I do. ;)

  12. I have done 1-5 and number 7 is Doctor Who. I am a huge fan of The Doctor! For more traditional superheroes, I'm a fan of the X-Men: Rogue, Jean Grey, and Storm have all been my favorites at one time or another! @lissajean7

  13. Hey chicky! I've done ALL those things. My favorite superhero is X-men's Psyloche. Her kinky gear is super hot and I love that psychic katana. :)

  14. I did 1, 3 and 5. For number 7: the show MISFITS is pretty amazing!!

    Congrats on the launch :-D

  15. Hey, hon! Not entering so much as dropping by the say congratulations! The blog looks great and it's gonna be so much fun to follow!

  16. Hey, hon. This is @ondinal_songs from Twitter. :D I made all of the entries for your giveaway. As I read about your feelings on superheroes, I realized why I wasn't able to answer the question you'd had a few weeks ago about your single favorite superhero. I love teams because that's a bunch of misfits forming a family, which is a much more appealing story to me. My favorite team is the X-men, and my favorite X-man is Nightcrawler. I can't resist the fuzzy blue elf. ;D

  17. My favorite super hero, since I was a child, has always been Iron Man. I grew up watching the Marvel Action Hour with Iron Man/Fantastic Four back to back. The Mandarin was badass, along with his crew of villains. It was also my first exposure to Hawkeye. I had all the comics that went along with it, and actually, recently bought them all again on eBay to relive that part of my childhood. I also got the DVD set that came out a couple of years ago. Tony Stark is flawed, a jerk, but he's brilliant and if there was ever a man to stand up to Cap in the comics it was him (Civil War). Also, the Iron Man films have been my favorites, aside from The Avengers film itself. Long live Marvel!

  18. I love you, stalk you, follow you all over the Intertubes AND entered giveaways for Kindles, musics, critiques, and all the happy, shinies!

    My favorite superhero has always been Gambit. I know, EVERYONE loves him but I've had a mad crush on him since the cartoon days. The accent, the snark, the charm, the powers, his love for Rogue even though they could never touch! SIGH.

  19. What an awesome contest! My boys LOVE these superheroes.

    I think my favorite is Superman. I know, classic and boring, but I love that he could have all this power and uses it to help others. He's just good . . . and I love that he grew up on a farm. :)

    I did 1,2,4,5, and 7. (+5) :)

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