Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Weeks 'Til ONE - Part 10

It's the last day before I'm publishing my debut novel with the help of 100 or so of my closest friends!

I feel lucky that I got the chance to work with the ever-amazing Chessie Zappia on these comic teasers - mostly, lucky that she agreed to play along with my crazy, unorthodox idea.

Chessie and I have teamed up to carry these comics into the future of the book. Anyone will be able to purchase a special edition of ONE with the comics in the back. It's priced at $1 extra, and that dollar will go directly from my bank account to benefit Melanoma Research - a cause close to the artist's heart. I'll post the "buy" link for that along with all the others tomorrow - please consider supporting the cause along with us.
Just look for the "Special Edition" stamp!

Now, without further ado, the final installment of ONE's comic teasers.....