Saturday, January 15, 2011

700-ish words, and some head breaking. Or Braking?

I added some things here-and-there today to a couple of different scenes.  I also moved around a scene where my protagonist unexpectedly gets to see someone she loves very much.  I think it's more serendipitous this way, but not sure whether it's good for whole book.  I'm loving Scrivener because it allows me to move my scenes around as I please, without cutting or pasting, etc.  I can move it back no trouble if I like.

This is a sci-fi, paranormal-ish romance story that partly centers around the idea of time travel.  The time had come for me to do some serious reading up on time travel theories to explain how my characters do what they do.

You guys?  I seriously broke my brain trying to read all these theories about closed time circles (CTCs, duh.) and quantum physics and parallel universes and block theories of time.  In so doing, I realized that it doesn't really matter how the characters travel through time.  In fact, the mystery of the whole thing is kind of the most intriguing part.  So while I'm not going to use the word "magic" at all, that's pretty much what it is.  Magic.  And it's a little bit scary and a little bit wonderful, just like anything else we can't really explain.

I'll write a few lines about it just so that anyone who ever reads it (IF anyone ever reads it) will know that I know it's pretty much a theoretical impossibility.  So they'll know I'm not entirely stupid, and anyone that really cares that much about whether a dinky YA novel's time travel fits suitably within the super slim theoretical reality in which it might be possible, then they should probably stop procrastinating and continue working on their PhD in physics because seriously?  They're killing my buzz.

Words today: 700-ish
Total Words: 26,913
Listening To:  Nothing. Not a quiet moment today.
Still Obsessed With:  Ascend.  Amanda, you're my hero(ine).


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