Friday, January 28, 2011

960 Words and Mood Swings

I wrote a bunch of incoherent crap today.
Half sentences, possible plot directions, unpunctuated dialogue.
I blame it on this post by Janice (who rules, by the way) that is supposed to help us by providing a basic plot structure complete with examples.  Which of course made me freak out and (internally) scream OHMYGOD IDON'TTHINK I HAVE A PLOT WHATAMIGONNADO!??!?!?
I went from seriously doubting my ability to write any coherent plot at all to having a soaring self-confidence that this was going to be the best. book. EVER.  The confidence would come from the flashes of insight I would get as to what the plot should be, but I literally can't type quickly enough to get them all out of my head fast enough. I am so type-A that this bothers me.  But one of the things I was loving about this whole project was my ability to just let the story come on out.  Now somehow the need for so much planning is stressing me out.  Only a little, though.  I need to focus on trusting in the length of time it takes to write a coherent draft, and believe that all these important points will come back to me.  Or better ones.

Words Written: 690
Total Words: 38052
Listening to: Iron Man *sigh*
Obsessed with: Ohio.


  1. I remember starting my first novel almost a year ago and it was like an obsession - I literally couldn't get everything I was thinking out fast enough. Then I started querying and getting rejected left and right and I swear it threw a wrench in everything because it sapped my confidence. I'm still writing, but waaaay slower and with a lot more self doubt. Don't be like me! Keep going! Sending you good vibes : )


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