Sunday, May 1, 2011

The TWIST! We have a TWIST!

Friends, I'll say it.  I was a little worried for the end of my WIP and how all the conflict was going to be tied up, and sort of resolved, in an interesting, shocking way.

I think I've got it.  I couldn't feel more relieved.

And not a moment too soon.  Serious.  Because I have to buckle down on this sucker like mad now.

All I'll say is that I owe it all to JJ Abrams and his flash of brilliance at the turn of the century.

Words Written: Oh, I have no clue.  More tomorrow.
Listening to: "Belief" by Gavin DeGraw.  Totally an important theme in my WIP, by the way.
Obsessed with:  The scene in The Hunger Games when Katniss remembers the first time she met Peeta (pg 25, you know you want to read it again.)  Absolutely heartbreaking.


  1. I'm still waiting for my next few chapters :)

  2. <3
    You should have them now. :)

  3. I <33333 Peeta. And why the heck can't I follow your blog? When I try, I end up following myself.

    If you really need another beta, I'd be happy to talk a look at your stuff. Just let me know. My e-mail is gina.ciocca(at)yahoo(dot)com.