Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Confessions...

...just because I have some.

1. The "X" key on my desktop's keyboard hasn't been working for the last month. Every email I've sent to Gina, or anyone else, for that matter, has featured creative words like "eample" and "ecited." Also, Gina's MC is "A." Ooops. Sorry, anyone affected.

2. I thought I found my dream agent not once, but twice today. Subsequently, within five minutes of further research, realized that said agents have about a 2% chance of agreeing to represent me.

I am SO not ready for this (insanely insane process of querying.)  Looks like I'm going to be living in Excel for the next several weeks, making my A, B, and C lists, till my MS is allowed out of the hard drive.

(At least my MS is ready, I've decided. The query's not doing too badly for itself over at Krista's contest...if you feel like taking a look. If you do, make sure to tell Krista how much SHE RULES.)

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