Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drafting from Conversations: Guest Post at Cristina DosSantos' "Once Upon a Time!"

Well, hot diggety dog! (Yeah, I just re-coined that phrase. Make a note of it. It might be the biggest thing I'm ever known for.) I'm guest posting over at Christina DosSantos' beautiful, inspirational blog today.

In the post, I'm talking about one of my most tried-and-true methods for drafting - building scenes around conversations. The scene I share is actually from the sequel to THE TRAVELERS, ACCESSION, which has since been backburnered. But for all of you who have read TT, you'll enjoy reading the resulting scene.

Here's the first bit of the post:

I just finished my first manuscript, THE TRAVELERS, and now I've imprisoned it in my hard drive until October, when I'll take it out and look at it one last time before parolequerying.

I started writing it as a Project 365 on January 1st, never really thinking it would amount to much besides providing me with a slice of sanity during naptime. A few weeks later, I was too in love with the characters and their story to quit until it was finished.

That is all one long horribly-argued excuse for "I pantsed this sucker." *Hangs head in shame.*

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  1. Congrats on the guest-post, Leigh Ann! I went over and commented, except now I have a feeling that I wrote too much. Ah, well... :)

    Oh, and I tried following your blog but I couldn't find any buttons telling me where I could subscribe to *looks around to no avail*

  2. Lyla- I had the same problem with following the blog. I had to manually copy and paste the link into the "Add" function on my blogger dashboard. Otherwise I ended up following my own blog every time I tried to follow this one! Weird.

    Nice post, Leigh Ann!

  3. @Lyla - Wow, thanks so much for your comment in BOTH places! You are a rock star!

    @Gina - you are one dedicated lady. :) I just added the "follow" widget (duh, Leigh Ann) for people who don't love me quite as much as you do.

  4. Yaaaay for the "follow" widget. I followed you just now. :)

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  6. Lyla! Thank you so much, darling! You make six!