Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Obsessions: Imogen Heap, Pinterest, and Spiderman Trailer

Well, friends, it's been a tough week in the querying trenches. (Which, as my CPs know, is a serious understatement.) So, I'm just gonna pretend the trenches don't exist. Manuscript? What manuscript?

Please join me in going to my happy place, as I bring you....

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek"
So, someone suggested this song as a calming thing for me last week. If you just sit back, crank it up, and let the sounds wash over you, it's perfect for calm. But the lyrics are quite sad.
I realized that it fits perfectly with a certain sequence of scenes in the WiP, and so I've begun to associate it with that mood - that of a tragic inevitability. Awesome.

2. Pinterest
Not so much an obsession as a happy discovery at the outset of this WiP. When I write, I'm really inspired by visuals, and so Pinterest is AMAZING - You can pin All The Pretty Things up on one board! That you can access anywhere! It basically lets me paint the scenes of my WiP for reference any time, anywhere, and has already been invaluable.

(Check out my board for Chrome. Awesome.)

3. The Spiderman Trailer
I'm just psyched for this movie summer in general, but oh man oh man. Spiderman. The wit! The drama! ANDREW FREAKING GARFIELD. Ahem.

Just watch it. (Sorry. I can't find one without an annoying ad before it.)

Annnnnnd the WiP. I haven't done very much good work on it, so you know what that means. I need some tough love. If you can find it in your heart, leave some in the comments. Thanks. <3

(Meet Sarra. She's one of the Iver - the slave class that lives underground.)

“Nedda,” Sarra breathed, “Thank you.”
Nedda smiled wearily, and led her in to the tiny room, that held twenty small girls. They huddled around bowls that fit in the palms of their hands, focused on getting every last morsel into their mouths. One of the littlest ones, Brona, who must have been about four years old now, squealed, jumped up, and threw her arms around Sarra’s waist. Nedda caught her by the arm, leaned down. “Shah, Bron. We don’t want anyone to hear.”
The girl looked down, blinking back tears. Sarra crouched down to her eye level, feeling soft and full of love for the first time in days. Weeks, maybe. She kissed each of Brona’s cheeks and hugged her tight. The girl’s body relaxed against her, then clung to her as she slung her arms around Sarra’s neck.
Sarra couldn’t deny the rush of pleasure the girl’s excitement to see her brought. The poor sweetheart had lived her entire life in the cold, cramped quarters, and if she could still find warmth in her heart, Sarra wasn't about to deny her that. She’d never shush one of the little ones for showing love. 
Sometimes, she thought that love for each other was all the Iver had left. Especially these girls, who held the Ivers’ future in their hands, though their existence was a crime.


  1. Loooove the Spiderman trailer! Andrew Garfield has such a good Peter Parker voice. (And he's actually British!)

    Chrome is very intriguing; can't wait to read more. Good luck with it all!

    1. STEPH! Also? HE'S A JEW. *dies*
      British Jewish Spiderman? With cute glasses? AND DID YOU SEE HIM KISSING GWEN STACEY ON THAT BUILDING OMG.

      (Thanks for your comments on Chrome. You're the best.)

  2. I used to be obsessed with that song! It's so beautiful but so sad. Also, I LOVE how you write. Love it. I'm so intrigued by your new story!

  3. I have been listening to Imogen Heap for years AMAZING, I'm obsessed with Pinterest, Andrew Garfield is the BEST, so obviously I'm obsessed with your obsessions, but wait what am I missing? CHROME, I honestly can not wait any freaking longer to read this, why you ask? Because it sounds so freaking beautiful! You're the bestest ever and keep on writing it so I can keep on reading it! LOVE YOU LOTS

    1. Andrew Garfield Yummmmmm come over early tonight so we can drool together, kthanx

  4. Hide and Seek is one of my favorite songs ever, especially when I'm in the mood for something haunting. And YES, Pinterest is so great. I have a board for In The Between and I love it. Sorry it's been a rough querying week. I have to take breaks from it every few weeks or it's just too...dream-killing. But YOU are going to have AWESOMENESS from Cupid's contest. I know these things.

    1. Yeah...I'm actually thinking about taking a break from it for an entire MS. I might not query Chrome, because seriously Megan? This is killing me.

      But thanks - nice to know others have the same experience. And I'm rooting for you just as hard over at Cupid! <3

  5. OMG The voice in Chrome is AMAZING. Just from this small sample alone I'm totally hooked. WHY is their existence a crime?? What are they doing down there? SO many delicious questions waiting to be answered. *happy sigh*

    I'm having a hard time finding anything remotely WIP worthy on Pinterest for me. I guess I'll just have to work harder LOL!

    Hang in there with the querying - gotta have the lows to balance out the highs, right? :)

    1. Can you send me the blurb for your WiP? I will make a board for you. Wheeeeeeeeee!

      Okay, but MUST we have the lows? I'm such a child. <3

  6. I hadn't seen the new Spiderman trailer! It looks good.

    Checking out Pinterest now... and just saw the most beautiful house showing up on its main page. You might've seen it but here. Holy crap, right? O_O

    1. I KNOW RIGHT???? (If you need an invite, I'll send you one. Just email me.)

  7. Mmm Imogen Heap. That's my favorite song of hers, by the way. :)