Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Critique Partners 2.0 Week 2 - What's the Best Critique You've Ever Gotten?

Hey, thanks everyone for your heartily enthusiastic response to the first installment of CPs 2.0!
(Remember, you can keep track of any and all additions to the series on my regularly-updated CPs 2.0 here!

It turns out that, as a whole, we really seem to like vlogging...and SO MANY of my CPs and CPs once removed answered this week's vlogging question, originally asked by Megan:

Jamie vlogged for the FIRST TIME (and I kind of couldn't contain myself.)

Here's my response to Megan, where I also ask Next Week's Question:

Aaaand, some extra treats!

Chessie's surprisingly entertaining intro!

Marieke's super geeky intro! (cool accent alert!)

Jenny's intro, plus a tour of her house!

Maggie's intro, plus cats, writing cave, her natural hair color revealed, and her shopping list!

Jani's intro, where you learn how to pronounce her name! (ANOTHER cool accent alert!)

Angi on why writing is like karaoke! (You'll agree with her when she explains it to you.)

And Sarah with her official intro!

Next week's question is: What inspires your writing??? So check back here next Wednesday for everyone's AMAZING responses!


  1. I may need to pull an all-nighter learning how to edit and splice so my next vlog can be as cool onscreen as it is in my head. Otherwise it will just be me babbling and making stupid faces again, and no one needs more of that!

    And the woodchipper shirt rules. Up next? You. Me. Matching Shirts. Fluff. 'Nuff said.

  2. Everyone is so freakin cute! And I love seeing where YouTube pauses our faces. :) Yay vlogs!