Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Obsessions! Interview at Becks's Place, Twitter, and Taylor's "Enchanted."

Hey sweet readers!

I'll bet you thought Friday Obsessions were dead.

Nope! It's just that I have an eight-week-old in the house, and it turns out that when I'm physically/mentally exhausted, my obsessive personality calms down just a tad. But I can feel it coming back readers, slowly, surely, wonderfully-obsessively, creeping into the exhausted recesses of my heart.

So. Enough sentimentality. FRIDAY OBSESSIONS!!!!

1. Becca interviewing me!

So apparently people think it's hilarious that I have so many critique partners (really?) and are inspired by my querying stats (which, really, really, really?) so Becca thought it would be a good laugh to interview me. And whaddya know? She was right. We had an awesome time.

Check us out right here!

2. Twitter.

You guys, Twitter was down yesterday, and I think it highlighted just how obsessed we all (yes, ALL, don't deny it) are. Yes, we resorted to Facebook. Yes, we texted each other. Yes, we all lived. Don't worry.

3. Taylor Swift's "Enchanted."

Each of my WiPs' playlists has had one song from my girl Taylor on it. Solving for Ex's didn't have one, and I put out a call on Twitter for help. 

Wouldn't you know it? The amazing Amanda Olivieri gave me this song and it is HOLY CRUD SO PERFECT. *sigh*

(Also I kind of really love how Taylor writes like half her songs about real boys that she met/dated. Amazing.)

That's it for me for this week! What about you guys? What were you obsessed with this week?


  1. :) I was totally there with the Twitter panics, despite partially "curing" myself of the obsession with the hiatus.

    I have been obsessed with Youtube lately. I just keep clicking on vid after vid after vid. It's rather frightening.

  2. I loooooooove Enchanted. It's one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. Just everything about it. And I loved your interview. And I lived our massive group freak out over twitter. We're so ridiculous. And awesome.

  3. I was seriously concerned about the sudden absence of Friday Obsessions. Glad they are back! :D

  4. Friday Obsessions are back!!! WOOO also I love Taylor Swift so freaking much lol, this is a great song! Happy Friday :D

  5. Twitter Outage was the end of the world. Seriously.

    Also, I probably should find you all on FB when I'm next on there. :)

  6. Thank GOD Friday obsessions are back. I missed those! I also was a little confused as to why I haven't gotten this update but maybe it is because I took a computer break from Friday to today? ;-) I love that Taylor Swift song - have you heard 'Haunted' on that album? Dude, I want to write a novel to THAT!!!! Hope your Shabbat went well.xo

  7. W00t! So glad you stopped by for an interview - it was awesome! <3 <3 <#

    I seriously came back from a meeting and thought my computer was melting. It was just Twitter, but that's how important it was. Twitter = all teh intrawebz


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