Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Thank Yous - Inaugural Edition

Hey, sweet readers.

So, I had a bangup past week and a half. I finished a (very messy) first draft of Solving for Ex, and I couldn't be happier. But the thing is, I didn't do it alone. I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times again, but it takes a village to make a novel.

I went all super-cheesy saying thank you to everyone in my "Hey! Agent!" post, and it occurs to me that I had to do that because I hadn't spent the time thanking everyone for their help as I went. And since, thank goodness, it seems I'm still producing work, I thought that THIS TIME, I'd start saying thank you to folks on a weekly basis.

So! I'm introducing the "Thursday Thank You" post. It'll be a fast weekly shout-out to the helpful souls who enable me to keep writing each and every week. Please, link up! There can never be too much gratitude in life, and especially in writing.

This week on the Thursday Thank You! Four amazing kid-watchers who took Peninah off my hands for twelve hours total this week, enabling me to finish up this draft and deal with the aftermath (namely, three weeks worth of laundry. Oops.)

Here they are!

The amazing Hirsch sisters!
From left to right:
Monica (who is also my 15-year-old YA-reader bullshit meter. )
Peninah (duh)
Jaclyn (my classic Brit Lit soulmate)
Alexa (my Megan, and future literary agent. Truth.)
The lovely Allison, whose recent wedding summarily kicked ass,
 and who loves my kids always.

Thanks, ladies! Thank you SO MUCH.
Because if Penny's happy, she's quiet, and then I can write.

(If I let her.)


  1. She's so delicious and adorable :)

  2. OMG Leigh Ann, Peninah is so gorgeous! Also congratulations on finish Solving for Ex. Mansfield Park is the last Jane book on my"Read every Jane book ever" list and that's what is up next for me! I can't wait to read it and then one day hopefully be able to read yours and get all the references :-)

  3. Penny's seriously the CUTEST. <3

  4. *munch munch munch*... oh excuse me, I'm just eating Penny alive. LOVE HER LITTLE FACE!

  5. SO CUTE!

    Congrats on finishing Solving for Ex - sounds v. interesting!

  6. Love this post!!!

    AND Penny is seriously THE CUTEST DAMN BABY. <3<3<3