Monday, May 27, 2013

Two Weeks Til ONE

Hi, sweet readers. 

It's a funny thing, when you publish a book. Friends that you never really realized were so dear to you come out of the woodwork, wanting to help however they can. A bunch of them even join a Street Team whose express purpose is spreading the word about your book.

In the two weeks before ONE's release, to help spread the word throughout cyber space and give us an intro to the story, the team is releasing a series of graphic-novel style teasers on their blogs! Please find the schedule below, click over every day, and leave the posters some love!

Drawn by my friend and nemesis (it's complicated) Chessie Zappia.

Tuesday, May 28th - Installment #1
 Jolene at Pen and Muse
Catherine Scully 
Amber Maudlin
Kat Ellis

Wednesday, May 29th - Installment #2
Clare Davidson
Jessi Shakarian
Rebecca Mahoney

Thursday, May 30th - Installment #3
J.A. Ward
Elyse G (@brainywordsmith)
Jamie Krakover

Friday, May 31st - Installment #4
Jani Grey 
JC Lillis
Rachel Solomon

Monday, June 3rd - Installment #5
Megan Whitmer
Helen Boswell
Michelle Smith
Liz Lincoln

Tuesday, June 4th - Installment #6
Catherine Scully
Samantha Sessoms
Tara Allen 
Nikki Diehm
KK Hendin

Wednesday, June 5th - Installment #7
Paul Adams
Sarah Hudson
Aimee Arnold
Catherine Ciccarelli
Veronica Bartles
Chyna Ngie
Rachel O'Laughlin
Suzanne VanRooyen

Thursday, June 6th - Installment #8
Dianne at "Oops! I Read a Book Again."
Raven Ashley
Alex Brown
Leigh Caroline
Amanda Olivieri
Virginia Boecker

Friday, June 7th - Installment #9
Jamie Grey
Francesca Zappia
Kaye M
Tawney Bland
Jenny Kaczorowski
Rachel Simon
Louise Gornall

Monday, June 10th

All of the above, plus...

Phil Bartles
J. Liz Hill
Leslie Lagman
Serena Lawless
Megan Orsini
Tiffany B
Heidi Schulz


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