Monday, September 26, 2011

Famous Author - The Introvert's Ideal Celebrity Situation

You guys, I think I figured out why I want to be a famous author.

 I've been a little confused by this desire, because I've never wanted to be a famous ANYTHING. I hated all the attention on my wedding day. I dodge birthday parties being planned in my honor. I blush when people give me compliments, and I'm quick to credit others with my success (I note this because I'm sure you haven't noticed all my posts lauding my CPs...)

In fact, that's why I like blogging so much. No one can hear me or even see me. If people hate on me I can weep (no, no one's hated on me, just saying) or they can love on my WiP  and I can blush. And no one will know.

So here's why I want to become a famous author. It's because I'm a raging introvert, and "famous author" is a bit of an oxymoron.

When you're a famous author, people don't really care about your life, or what you do on a day to day basis - they just care about your characters, and their story. When you do interviews, all the questions are about them, or how you got your book published, or something. The biggest freaking shock of J.K. Rowling's interviews was that Dumbledore was gay. That I can handle. When you're a famous author, No one asks you about your love life, or your opinion on politics, or anything terrifying like that.

You almost never have to look nice. You just dress up to go on book tours and for interviews for your massive interactive website, and the rest of the time you can wear your jim-jams. You can even vlog wearing a nice top and your comfy bottoms. The best part? Everyone thinks you always look how you did at that book signing. Because the paparazzi never stalk you. BECAUSE THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU. They only care about your books.

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Besides that, almost your entire platform is online. That means that you can interact with your fans on twitter and via blogs where - you guessed it - you can wear your jim jams and ignore your makeup and/or dye job, because you always, always, always look just like your avatar.

Basically? If you are an introvert and become a famous author, people only care about you in the only way you ever wanted them to care about you - they're obsessed with the world you've created - NOT with you yourself.  You get the admiration and applause without the intrusion and embarrassment.

Absolutely perfect.

Anyone have any other reasons that "famous author" is a perfect job for an introvert? Anyone reading who's an extrovert and still wants to be a "famous author?"


  1. I'm with you 100%. I looked at the floor when I walked down the aisle because I couldn't stand all those eyes on me. I threatened my husband's life if he tried to throw me a 30th birthday party. I absolutely do not like to be the center of attention - but I love the idea of creating something people enjoy, and not getting stalked as a result.

    Let's face it... Stephenie Meyer doesn't have paparazzi sitting outside her house, but the actors who brought her characters to life do. It's the perfect arrangement.

    And yes, I'm sitting here in my jammies, pre-shower as I write this :)

  2. This is so great. A therapist once gave me a personality test and found that I was the most introverted person she'd ever come across. I'm not really THAT bad, but I totally relate! And I'd be happy with semi-famous, or even not-hardly-famous, but published, even if I did have to keep my hair dyed and talk to readers occasionally.

  3. I like the comic sketch:) Everyone has extro and intro parts of their personality, so even though you may be mostly intro, the little part of you that is extro likes the "attention" of being famous. Either way so long as you enjoy the writing for writing's sake you're all good:)

  4. Oh yeah. "Famous author" is the only kind of famous I could stand. And I think you put it perfectly. I don't want to talk about myself. I want to talk about books!

  5. omg THIS.


    I hate being the center of attention, but I love it when my book is. (Don't we all?) I could talk about my book for the rest of eternity, but as soon as someone asks me something about myself, I look at them like they just set my cat on fire.

    Also sitting here in jammies. Awesome. And people wonder why I want to do this for a living...

  6. Right There With You. All the way.

    Hey. Someday when we're both famous authors, we should do a book signing together! We can dress up and act like we look that way all the time. Then we can blog about the signing in jim jams. :)

  7. Haha, I'm wearing my jim jams right now, nodding my head to all you've just said. :)

  8. So true! I have to remind myself that it is OK that I like to stay inside a lot. Although with my hubby's dreams I might have to be a little less of a homebody.


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