Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Obsessions: TANGLED, Johnny Stimson, and Nutella Challah

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. Tangled. I'm really embarrassed that I had never seen this movie before, especially what with my mission to find Disney princesses with actual functioning brains in their heads. Maybe I had become too complacent with Mulan and Tiana, fabulous examples. That makes sense. 
What doesn't make sense is that, despite starring the voices of Mandy Moore, who I've loved ever since her guest stint on Scrubs, and Zachary Levi, my NUMBER ONE TELEVISION CRUSH OF ALL TIME, I still hadn't seen this thing.
I pretended I was doing my kids a big favor by letting them watch every morning this week but really? I loved every minute. The story (heartbreaking!) The princess (Smart, determined and ballsy as all getout!) The hero (*drool*) The music! The romance! The near misses! The kissing! The sheer beauty of the thing!

Go watch it. Now. Go!

2. Johnny Stimson's newest album, "All I See." This guy's music is sunshine on a CD. I knew he had a new album coming out, and I've been getting my fix watching this video:

But now you can buy the whole thing on Amazon! Worth every penny, and two of the songs are on my WiP soundtrack to boot. Amazing.

3.  This nutella-stuffed challah (Thanks, Amanda!) I whipped up for my sister-in-law, who's recovering from surgery. Of course I baked a tester loaf and heavens to Betsy! I might not share with my kids on Shabbat morning.

4. As usual, the WiP (as always, feel free to skip this part. I won't be sad. Really.)
I know we all love Elias, but there's only so much gushing you I can do in consecutive weeks.

 Meet Merrin's twin brothers, Michael and Max. 

      We spread out on our huge brown leather sectional, each of us curving against a different part of it under throw blankets. Some stupid cartoon show where the characters knock each other over the heads with stuff and make farting jokes blares on the TV. Michael sits there, snorts, sniggers, and pops cheese balls into his mouth. Max is absorbed with something on his tablet, and knowing him, there’s an equal chance that it’s a stupid game or some classic literature he’s digesting at the speed of light. 

I reach over into Michael’s bowl, grab a cheese ball, and throw it at Max’s head.
“Whatcha doin’, nerdface?” I ask.
“Reading Harry Potter,” he says, and locates the cheeseball, which bounced down and wedged itself under his leg. He pops it in his mouth for a second, takes it out, and lobs it back at me. I raise up my blanket and deflect the saliva bomb onto the floor.
“You are gross, Max,” I say, brushing fingertips over my hair to remove any drool that may have stuck there.
He shrugs and flashes a grin. “You called me nerdface. Harry would not have stood for that,” he says, and goes back to his tablet.

That's it for me! What were you obsessed with this week?


  1. I love all of this. Esp. Johnny Stimson.

  2. What a fun post. Tangled is a good movie. My girls love it. Cute story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Elle - I love your face. And I miss it. Also, Johnny is pretty dreamy, huh? Especially with that uke?

    @ladonna - Yeah, I'm afraid we're gonna be watching it on a loop for awhile....

  4. Nutella challah .... Um, I think I need to make some for seudah shlishit (our only dairy meal on shabbat). Too bad I already did my shopping for this week. Definitely going on next week's menu if you share your recipe.

  5. The fact that he put the cheeseball in his mouth before throwing it at her brought that whole exchange to an entirely new level of gross!

    My obsessions this week? Electricity and running water, for obvious reasons. And the joy of graduation from form rejections :)

  6. I don't even know what challah is, but I WANT IT.

    And these scenes from ONE always crack me up.

  7. @Gina - GINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I am still screaming for how excited I am for you.

    @Francesca - Thanks. And I'll send you some come November, when it's cool. Me and my buddies are going to have a challah swap around then, and i already have some going to Chicago and WI.

  8. I am obsessed with Magnum double chocolate, caramel, and vanilla ice cream bars. Its cool that they cost like $4 each, have 500-calories, and sugar up the wazoo! Oh well, who said obsessions had to be good things like Tangled, right? :)

  9. It's always interesting to know what your Friday Obsessions are, Leigh Ann. :)

    These and your other great posts are why I gave you a blog award here:

  10. @Jessie - I've only ever heard about Magnum bars - never let myself go to find them in the grocery, because I've heard all the things you said are true, and I'm already addicted to the local gourmet ice cream!

    @Lyla - Squeeee! Thank you!

  11. Tangled was a really great movie. Caught it last November in the theater. I tend to see a lot of movies...

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