Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Obsessions: BREAK, Glee, and Hot-Sauced Eggs

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz.
I don't usually like books that are narrated by boys, are graphically violent, or have lots of swearing in them. This book has all of the above and I am not even kidding you, I could not put it down.
It's the themes out the wazoo that really impressed me. This book has some Deep Stuff in it, you guys. I'm basically writing my Yom Kippur sermon all about it.
Not to mention Hannah Moskowitz is a freaking phenom (sophomore junior in college who just got her sixth book deal,) and you know I always love to be impressed by college students.
Also, she's a M.O.T. ("Member of the Tribe," for the unintiated.) So, Hannah:  Have an easy fast, you incredible lady, and thanks for the stellar sermon fodder.

2. Glee is back! 
Even though Mr. Schu has creeped me out since early in the second season, his skeeziness was way overshadowed by all the beautiful high schoolers! Confident! Happy! So assured of their futures! So in love! Such wonderful singers!

This show almost has me convinced that high school was really chock-full 
of musical sing-songiness, and I'm just remembering it wrong. Almost.

3. Eggs with hot sauce.
This is a picture of someone else's eggs with hot sauce. But it does the job.

This is a straight up blame-the-fetus craving. I cannot stop eating them. Yes, I know. I am just like Bella Cullen.

4. Aaaaand ONE. I think I finally figured out the series of events and players to end the book, and with just about 10K to go, I couldn't be happier. Here's a bit:

“I missed seeing you the last couple days,” Elias says. I really can’t get my head around how boldly he says it, like he either knows what my response is going to be or it doesn’t affect him in the least what I say.

He peers into his locker, but it’s almost empty. He doesn’t move to take anything out of his bag. “I would have called, but I don’t have your number. Besides, the first day know...I could barely get my head off the pillow.” He pauses, still looking at nothing in his locker.
I want to reach up and touch his shoulder, turn him, make him look at me. But I don't. Instead, I just say, “Wait. You were sick, too?”
“Too? What happened to you?” Now he looks really concerned.

Your turn! What were you obsessed with this week?


  1. I never cared for Mr. Schuster until he did the Dream On duet with Neil Patrick Harris. Then all of a sudden I found myself thinking, Hmmm the only way this could get better is if he took his shirt off. I was kind of appalled.

    I'm so jealous at your ONE progress! Go! Go! Go!

  2. I haven't heard of Break.. but you made it sound like I HAVE to read it right now, LOL another for my ever growing list.

    also, I'm amazed at how much writing you get done... humph.. I'm feeling all lazy and... lazy. I love the scenes you post, they always make me want more more more!

  3. Yay! Glad to hear about your ONE progress! Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!

    I'm going to put Break on my list. I love boy narrators. Interesting that you don't--because the ms you agreed to read for me is a male narrator.

    And there's swearing--mostly gratuitous because I don't like my swearing any other way. But looking back, Scrivener tells me I used the f-word 14 times--maybe that's a little much.

  4. I've wondered about BREAK. I read Hannah's blip on her bio page once a year ago and thought, "What an interesting idea for a book!" Now I must read it.
    So! I've been obsessed with: 1) my WIP/thesis for school. I had a due date today so I spent almost the entire week working on it. Naturally, my house is a mess. 2) The playlist for my next WIP. Is that strange? I just can't get enough of it. Mae, Days Away, Landon Pigg, Heart, Snow Patrol, Mike Garrigan, and Linkin Park (so far). I can't wait to work on the actual story.
    Been seeing your comments on a number of other blogs, including Chessie's and thought I'd come say hey. So... Hey!

  5. Break sounds very interesting. I'm not a huge Glee fan, but I like watching the musical numbers. LOL.

    OOH, I want to know what made both of them sick???

  6. @Gina - I can't WAIT for you to read it.

    @Cristina - I have myself on a timeline...probably too strict, to be honest.

    @Heidi - Being CPs with Chessie has pretty much desensitized me to swearing. ;) And I love boy books ever since BREAK. She sold me.

    @Kris - HI!!!! Welcome to the bunch!!! A messy house is a price we often pay for work excellently done - and SO worth it. Also, can I beg for your playlist?

    @Jenny - hahaha HINT: It's not The Deed. It's BETTER.

  7. Yes of course!
    "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" Landon Pigg
    "It Happens" Days Away
    "Goodbye, Goodnight" Mae
    "Run" Snow Patrol
    "Elevator Love Letter" Stars
    "Waiting for the End" Linkin Park
    "Iridescent" Linkin Park
    "She Is" Mike Garrigan

    The Mike Garrigan song is super hard to find. It's not on Youtube, Project Playlist, or even Spotify. The only place I've found it is to purchase it on iTunes (but so worth it).
    I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Yay Glee. Yay, eggs an hot sauce. That sounds so good right now! I am obsessed with my DVR and Modern Family.

  9. Love Glee! Never miss an episode.

    And, let's see, I'm also obsessed with writing (can you say psycho!), Vampire Diaries (can you say Damon!)...phew. That Damon part wiped me out. Can't think of anything else now. :)

  10. Hannah Moskowitz is a brilliant writer - I read BREAK earlier this year, and I loved it.

    As for obsessions, hmm… right now, I can't get enough of Hayao Miyazaki films!

  11. Oooo! I love the WIP! So intriguing!

  12. @Kris - GAH!!! Thank you!!!! Always looking for new "soundtrack" music. (You can find TT's soundtrack up top, if you're intersted.)

    @Rachel - Yeah. I'm obsessed too. I keep people watching to find people that look like my characters (I work on a college campus.) Eek.

    @Emma - Now I just need to get to her other stuff...what would you recommend next?

    @Peggy - You know I would swap work with you in a heartbeat, right? Not for crit, just for funsies. <3

  13. Break is one of my favorite books. I couldn't sleep for two days after reading it and Hannah is AMAZING. I can't wait to read her Middle Grade books. I'm not really a fan of MG but if she's writing it...then I know I'm going to LOVE it.

    And 10k to go! YAY! Happy writing and congrats on being so close to the end. :D

  14. @Raven - I know, right? ZOMBIE TAG, the title alone makes me smile. :)

    Thank you! Could use the good vibes this week.