Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Obsessions: WWF, Bruno Mars, and Chipotle

1. Words With Friends - I've picked up this game again with a vengeance thanks to my smarty-smart CP Francesca. Yeah, she's smart, but she's not brilliant enough to beat me. (Okay, she did in our first game, but it was only by a few points and I still had one tile left so I have no idea how that happened.) 

This is not a screenshot of one of our games,
but the score disparity is representative.

Anyway. Now I like it even better because there are STAKES for the WiPs. The loser has to use a word from the board in the WiP of the winner's choosing. Which rules.*

*Or not, because ONE will now feature the word "titi." Somehow.

2.  Bruno Mars's "It Will Rain" - It's on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. I am obsessed. End of discussion.

3. Chipotle. I get the veggie burrito bowl. (If I didn't keep kosher, for the record, I would be all over that barbacoa. But that's neither here nor there.) Black beans, fajita veggies, guac, lettuce, and allll kinds of salsa. But mostly the guac.
Ohhhhh stars, look at that GUAC.

4. The WiP. Okay. So here's the story. I am in a SERIOUS writing funk with the end of this book. I wrote about 4K this week and I had to pry every. single. letter out of my brain with a pair of pliers, basically. I know who's IN the end, but I can't really decide who's going to be conscious or unconscious or in a drug-induced stupor, and who's going to blow something up and who else is going to destroy something that needs to be destroyed and who else is going to save some people who are in a pretty bad situation. And, you know, the words they're going to say and where they're going to stand and how much they're going to cry. 

Oh! And when and where the kissing will happen. In the end, that is. Most of the book's kissing is written and tucked safely in my CPs' inboxes, strategically sent to combat the query doldrums and general life gloominess. Because that's how we roll.

All this is in way of saying....I still have, like, 8K to go. And I told myself I'd have that done by....the end of the weekend. Hahahahahahhaa. 

While I'm cracking up at myself, enjoy this section from ONE.

The sun’s starting to set, but it’s protesting like a a kid who doesn’t want to go to bed, flinging its light angrily at anything it can. Elias walks out with the cider. He’s framed in bright-against-dark shadows that made me blink into the sky and tent my hand over my eyes just to look at him. Something about his hands wrapped around the handle of a mug of hot cider for each of us makes my heart swell.
“There’s nothing else in it?” I pray he knows I’m joking with him, even though I can’t make my face smile, not even a little.
He half-laughs, and shakes his head slightly.
We sit there, blowing ripples across the surface of the mugs and letting them warm our hands.
“You weren’t in school today,” I say. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
“Doctors’ Appointments. Uh, physicals. For basketball. Starting practice soon,” he explains, eyeing me with a little curiosity.
Then I feel brave. “Well, come back tomorrow, okay? Leni’s other friends are a pain in the ass.”
He laughs, and the smile lingers for a second. Then he nods, looking out across the farmer’s fields that stretch miles and miles before of his house. Like he knows what I mean. Like he expected this to happen.
Not only can I not avoid being messed with for a whole week at a new school, but even Elias thought it would happen. Great.
“They don’t matter,” Elias says, quietly, staring at his hands, his fingers gripping each other. “I learned that a long time ago.”


  1. Uh-huh. We'll see who wins this game. *stink eye*

    And I hate to admit it, because I always hate to admit this, but I'm clawing my way along on Book 2. ;_; I have like 12 chapters to go. Which, for me, is another 40k words...

    But you can make it! I BELIEVE.

    (I'm trying to help myself along by having Rory crack innuendos every other line. It's actually having the reverse effect.)

  2. Bruno Mars is on the Breaking Dawn sound track??????? Yippeee. I love his stuff. :D

  3. I just discovered Words with Friends this week. How did I not know about this before?! Sadly, though, my hubby kicks my hiney every single time. Hello! I'M the lover of words! I love that you add stakes.

    Your paragraph of what is going to be in your ending had me SALIVATING for your book. Seriously. That's some awesome stuff. I'm dying that I can't just go out and read it.

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  5. Yay, I love Bruno Mars!

    And gogogo Leigh Ann and Chessie, YOU CAN DO IT! *waves pom-poms in the air*

  6. I have never heard of Words With Friends. *feels deprived* Sounds like an excellent way to procrastinate, lol! :D

    Oh, I hear you about having a writing funk. I'm just prying myself out of one. The chapter I finished two days ago took me a week to finish. Yeah, that is sad.

  7. Great post.

    Sorry about your writing funk. I've had those days. It's not fun. It took me a week to finish a chapter, too.

  8. I liked your excerpt.

    Don't worry about the funk. It'll come when the Muse is ready. (She can be quite stubborn.)

  9. GREAT song. Is that soundtrack out? The movies are "Eh" but the soundtracks are "AWESOME, DUDE!"
    Thanks for that sneak peek into your WIP! I love the bit about the setting sun.
    Good luck on those last 8k words! You can do it!

  10. I've already regaled you with about 40 e-mails today, so I'll just say 1) Your guac photo is not helping with my never ending hunger today and 2) GET THAT CONFIDENCE UP BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME!

  11. I stopped by because Gina is really promoting your blog over at the "pay it forward" blogfest and I am so glad that I did. She was right about you having a must visit blog.

    I love your Friday Obsession Post. As for Words with friends, I eventually had to stop playing because I truly was becoming an ADDICT. Great song.

    I am delighted to meet you.