Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Live Blog

The last anti-procrastination liveblog I did TOTALLY RULED, so I'm doing it again today. I have a full day at home, and I have some BIG goals. On tap:

- drop off and pick up kids from school
- make chicken/matzo ball soup for dinner (it's just one of those days)
- clean the bathrooms and the kitchen
- wash the bedding
- color my hair and give myself a pedi
- edit 5 chapters edit 4 chapters/finish the "rising action" section!
- set up another query flurry for tomorrow
- look/be/feel fabulous

Yes. I am a nutcase.

Here we go!

5:30 - I awaken to a lovely conversation between my two boys about poop blasting through the baby monitors. Serious. You can't make this stuff up.

6:00 - Eggs and toast are on the table for breakfast, and Asher and Nesyah have an epic battle over who gets the Wolverine plate. Nesyah wins.

6:30 - Kids are dressed, second load of laundry going in. I scrub the downstairs toilet and disinfect the bathroom sink and wall (yes, WALL - two boys potty training = SO SO GROSS.) Slap on a bit of makeup so as not to scare the preschool teachers.

7:30 - We are out the door!

8:30 - Kids are finally installed in school, after I had to talk Rami down from the brink when I told him we're cutting his hair in a couple of weeks. (We wait till their third birthday for the first cut.) I left him with a mere trembling bottom lip after I got him to agree that long hair minus a tiny bit of hair from the end is still LONG HAIR.

8:45 - I stop at the grocery store for a head of garlic and egg noodles for the soup, and walk out with those things plus approximately ten million pounds of clearanced Halloween chocolate FTW.  Think how great this will be for my students and care packages to Chessie and Gina. Realize that I have never sent Maggie a care package and have a mild panic attack. For Christmas, ladies. Christmas.

9:00 - Throw a chicken, some water, some soup veggies, the garlic, and salt and pepper into the stock pot, set it on the burner, and wish it luck.

9:15 - Reply to twitter @s and obsess over one of Those Scenes I wrote late last night. Hm.

10:00 - Answer a couple of emails from CPs (FIRST PRIORITY LADIES.)

10:05 - Watch this badassed video on fire blankets. (It's research!) Mostly I like it because of the guy's accent.

10:45 - Have spent waaay to long replying to a couple of Those Scenes my CPs sent me last night. It is so much more fun to reply to emails during the day, when I am awake at all. I feel like I might actually make any sense.

Also obsessed with this whole wheat waffle. Is there ANY kind of syrup other than "butter flavored?" (Answer - NO.)

Okay. Time to edit.

11:40 - Uh, yeah. So I've done NO EDITING in the last hour. I filled up my water bottle. And...that's about it.

11:43 - Blue screen of death on my netbook. %$#*$&&(&#)_(_@

2:00 - HOW DID IT GET SO LATE!??!!?
My matzo ball soup, FTW.

Kitchen is sparkling clean. I'm going to color my hair, and scrub the other bathroom, put clean sheets on the kids' beds, and put in another load of laundry while it sets.

3:00 - Aforementioned tasks accomplished, and by now I'm having some pretty intense round ligament pain. I'm not budging for two hours.

3:40 - Okay. Just responded to a CP with a writing confidence crisis (FIRST PRIORITY) and spent about 20 minutes weeping over websites that tell the story of my deepest darkest fear happening to other people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!  I have an hour to edit before I leave to pick the kids up. Guh.

4:00 - The first of two word wars with my amazing CPs Maggie and Chessie. For some reason, knowing someone else thinks I'm working on ONE for fifteen solid minutes forces me to ACTUALLY DO IT.  One and a half chapters edited in the first one, and the second word war yielded another chapter edited. I'm almost caught up now - on chapter 9! woot!

6:30 - The children are home and - what else - eating? Asher and Nesyah eat a dozen matzo balls in about ten minutes. It's actually incredible to watch. Most grown adults can only eat two or three.

7:15 - Get an email from Gina that indicates that she is ACTUALLY POSSIBLY SERIOUS about writer's retreating with me. Stare at phone. Swoon. Start looking at flights.

8:23 - Children fed, pajamaed, in bed, husband fed. Back to work - I can get another two chapters in at least before I nod off, right? Right?

9:14 - Just finished the second chapter! (Cheating, kind of - I've been obsessing over Chapter 10 for three months, since it's the first scene I ever wrote for this book ever.) In case you're keeping track, I've come up short on my goals today, but only a little - one pedicure and one chapter. Oh, and looking/feeling fabulous. (Maggie told me I could cross off "be fabulous," and she knows what fabulous is.)

This is where I say that a good woman knows when to quit, and call it a night. Thank you so much for live-blogging with me, can't wait till the next time! You really helped me stay focused (yes, this is what 'focused' looks like.)

Sleep tight!


  1. for those of you keeping score, i would not say no to a care package.
    or clearance halloween candy.
    also can i be skyped in for the upsherin?

  2. Poop blasting. Sounds like a day in my house.

  3. See? This is why I can't do one of these. Unlike yours, mine would be SO BORING! And I'd have to put in my "I'm never going to write again because I suck and it's pointless" moments. Those are just embarrassing.

    BTW- totally come to Baltimore in March. I'll be driving, which means I can stay as long as I want :)

  4. Reading about your day makes me tired :)
    Sounds like you're doing well with your list. And the soup looks totally delicious.

  5. This is interesting--glad to get a new idea that might help to push away the procrastination.

    You did a fab job on your list!

  6. THe poop blasting was funny. You can't make those things up with kids.

    Great list.

  7. You got so much done! You are fabulous all the time, but wow, awesome day.

    Love Asher and Nesi and the matzo balls. :)

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