Monday, November 21, 2011

Living the Dream

(My stomach's all twisty-turny and my nerves are wrecked for a couple of reasons today, so I thought I'd do a short, cheerful, dreamy-type post to cheer myself up.)

I saw "Breaking Dawn" yesterday on a rare and fabulous lady date. One moment out of that whole movie made me tear up.

When the baby was born? Nope. (That was appropriately disgusting.) When Edward thought Bella was dead? Nuh-uh. (Although that was pretty horrific as well.)

It was actually the appearance of one very special extra.

See her there? Row closest to you on the left?

There's Stephenie Meyer, the author of the TWILIGHT saga (I type as if any of you do not know this information,) attending the MOVIE WEDDING OF HER CHARACTERS.

All of you authors out there are probably nodding your heads along with me. You know what I'm all caps-locking about. We write stories. We fall in love with our characters. Exciting, dramatic, and sometimes even beautiful things happen to them. And they live in our heads, and our CPs' hearts (#cplove, what's up ladies,) but our wildest, craziest dreams usually stop at their names appearing in a hardcover on the bookstore shelf. Maybe - MAYBE - we get really nuts and dream of great reviews, or even being a bestseller.

Our books being made into movies is an admit-me-to-an-insane-asylum-because-I'm-probably-delusional type of writer's dream.

To appear in a major moment in your characters' lives on the big screen? Well, that's just head-spinningly, deliriously wonderful.

Way to live the dream, Ms. Meyer. I was so, so happy for you today. You're an inspiration to keep my head in the clouds, if only a little bit.


  1. Okay, that is way cool. :D

    Yeah, most of us are just happy if we can get our book published, never mind have it turned into a movie. That would be sweet though. I bet there aren't many writers who don't envision their scenes in movie format.

  2. I'd give anything just to be on set for the making of my movie, never mind being IN it. I'd be mortified to see myself on a big screen... but I still want a walk on in your movie :)

  3. That's so sweet :) Man, she really is living the dream, isn't she?

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  4. I loved that scene with Stephanie in it! Totally made me squeal a little :) Ahhh, if only, right?

  5. I saw BD on a similar last-minute, group-lady-date. I didn't know that was Stephenie Meyer. That really is so cool for her. Thanks for pointing that out! You seriously have given me all the inspiration I need for the day. (And The Fray's song you posted in an earlier post is awesome too!)

  6. I haven't watched BREAKING DAWN, but that's just wonderfully beautiful. And so inspiring. :)

  7. I loved that, too! I had a hard time not yelling to my sister during the movie, "That was Stephenie Meyer! She was there. In the audience! Did you see her? Did you?!" So very cool. I lived vicariously though her for just a minute.

    And yeah. Baby? Gross. A little too.

  8. I had goosebumps reading this post! I wouldn't have known that was her if I was watching the film. Thanks for inspiring me today :) Thank you, too, Stephanie Meyer! :)

  9. That is pretty amazing, and YES the dream! Happy Thanksgiving by the way. I liked that post too relating being the hostess to spinning a story.