Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post at AG's Place!

You know how you'll be reading some contest entries, and thinking, "ooh, that sounds interesting," or maybe, "Yeah, I could read that?"

Well, the first time I read AG's logline and 250 in the Miss Snark's First Victim Baker's Dozen contest back in December, I had two thoughts: "Holy fuhgeez, this woman is hilarious," and "I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to wrangle myself an ARC when that gets published."

Anyhow, I started stalking following AG on Twitter so I'd be one of the first to know when she got an agent/a book deal/became rich and famous.  And guess what? Last week? She asked to interview me on her blog.


So, go check that out riiiiiight here. I'm talking about my active projects, the query trenches, and how I found my CPs. AG is absolutely lovely, and it was tons of fun.

I'll be back with you guys right back here on Friday for a special edition of Friday Obsessions: Cute Boys in YouTube Videos edition! Yeah, you're not gonna want to miss that.


  1. That's exciting! I'll have to check out your guest blog.