Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Housekeeping and Some Awesomeness

Hey, sweet readers!

Just wanted to pop in on the rare Sunday to post a little housekeeping note and share some awesomeness.

Housekeeping first, because that's boring.

I expect New Baby to arrive pretty soon. I'm not taking a blog hiatus, but I don't know how wireless is in the hospital/how I'll be feeling. So, even though I'll be posting, I probably won't be responding to comments for at least a week.

I would love love love it if you all would respond to any comments you find interesting. Talk to each other! Because one of the best parts of a blog is the discussion in the comments, yes? YES.

Okay. Now, Awesomeness!

1. First! The winner of the Classy Author Giveaway is Sana!!!!!!!

*happy dancing*

I hope I know we'll both enjoy the heck out of it.
Send me a note telling me whether you want paper or digital and the best way to get it to you!!!


2. Second (and last!) It was my birthday yesterday.

That's my sister - her birthday's 6 days before mine. Awesome.

You know what happens when your writer besties know it's your birthday? They send you stuff. 

EVERYONE sent me the sweetest birthday wishes via tweet and FB. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Gina sent me a salon's worth of manicure and pedicure supplies (and CHOCOLATE,) because she is my longest-time writing bestie and she knows that I need to pamper myself almost as much as I need my characters to start talking to me. My nails are beautiful now. So they should write beautiful things. Right? RIGHT???

Jenny sent me a Scene. Enough said.

Chessie (and this one MAY be of interest to you regular blog readers, which is why I'm even posting about my birthday presents like an annoying gloaty gloater) drew me a picture of the main characters from One. 

I still haven't figured out if it's because she gets a kick out of emotionally torturing me and making me weep or because she genuinely loves me, but I think it's a mixture of the two.  90% gleeful torture and 10% love, I'd wager. But still. Check out the amazingness and swoon along with me.


That's all, folks! Send me healthy baby and healthy mama vibes, continue to be sweet and polite in the comments, and I'll be eternally grateful!  Love you all!


  1. Well, since I'm sitting here gleefully laughing at your pain, I'm going to say your 90/10% ratio was pretty accurate.

    (Also you're welcome.)

    BABYYYYYYYYYYY! (Because you can't yell that enough!)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday and best of luck with the birth :)

  3. Happy Birthday & sending those happy baby and mommy vibes your way.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Leigh. I hope you have a beautiful and healthy baby.

    1. Thank you! Obviously there'll be a slew of pics up here, though undoubtedly I'll think she's beautiful - objectivity is dead to new parents. :)

  5. Sending you vibes! Belated yom heuledet samach, Leigh Ann. I also love commenting with other people on people's blogs but I always worry that they don't "get" the comments i.e. no response back. I love the photo of you, the 3 kids and your sister - how awesome you get to share your birthdays so close by :) Also......that picture is GORGEOUS of ONE. :)

    1. Thank you!!!!! Yeah, we're 3 years apart and have always loved it - My girls will be 2 years minus 6 days apart be"H and hope they love it too. :)

      And...I KNOW RIGHT? Chessie is a genius.

  6. I'm glad your birthday was so full of awesome!

    Healthy vibes headed your way. Did you get them? I hope all goes swimmingly! I'm excited for you to meet your new little one!

    1. Peggy! I DID get them! You are WONDERFUL. <3

  7. What a great picture! Well, both of them, of course.

    Hope your birthday was fab, and I'll be sending lots of good vibes your way. Can't wait to see baby girl!

    1. And just think, Auntie G - you're on the text list! <3

      Thanks again. Don't know what I'd do without you.

  8. Congratulations on the impending baby! What a lovely thing for you and your family.

  9. Happy belated Birthday :) Best of luck tomorrow!

    And, wow, that picture of ONE is amazing btw - I'd love to read that book!

  10. Happy belated Birthday.

  11. Happy birthday, and YAY baby! So your birthdays will only be 1 day apart? Nice.

    Love the picture from ONE.

  12. I-I missed your birthday omg I AM AWFUL AND HORRIBLE :( how will you ever forgive me?

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