Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding the Magic

So, ever since that sinus infection tried to kill me (but the Z-Pac won, so awesomely I'm about to write it a love song!) I've been blocked.

I know. You think "writer's block" is a load of you-know-what. So do I. But it's easier than my slacker explanation of "Well, you see, I'm a pantser, and it seems that I get blocked right around 40,000 to 50,000 words, because that's exactly what happened when I was writing THE TRAVELERS..."

*YAWN* You guys don't care about that. Heck, I barely care about that. Just write already, right?

Anyway. Saturday was a beautiful day. I had two options. I could sit hunched in front of my netbook while my husband tried to keep my kids from destroying the house, or I could go apple picking with them.

It took me about five seconds to realize I'd really regret it if I didn't go. Something told me it would be good for my writing, too, although I couldn't for the life of me see how. I had my fancy camera with me like the mamarazzi I am......


....and then I got this shot.

253/365 - "Wingardium Leviosa"

Yep. That's my oldest, levitating an apple. Clearly, he has magical powers.

Alright. I know he doesn't.

But I'll tell you what does: The power of a picture to add a whole new sweet-yet-devastating subplot and important conflict twist to my WiP, ONE.

I'm going to describe that picture in ONE, except it'll be of a little girl. And it's going to make you gasp (I hope.) And it's going to totally freaking rule.

I guess I always kind of nodded my head at all the writing advice posts about "Go out and live your life!" but didn't really give them any credence. Now I do.

When and how has real life - or products of it - inspired you? Now I'm dying to hear about your experiences.


  1. Oh, writer's block most definitely exists. I was stuck in it when I named my blog. But the lead singer of the GooGoo Dolls says the thing about writer's block is that you're writing the whole time... you just think everything you write sucks. And I've realized in my case, he's right!

    Those pics are gorgeous. Glad your One floodgates have opened :)

  2. Firstly, your kids are GORGEOUS!!!

    and the levitating apple? it's not even blurry, that's some serious picture taking skills... or maybe just luck? either way, I see why it would be inspiring :)

    happy writing!

  3. That is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 1.) Can I just say how awesome those T-shirts are?

    2.) I know EXACTLY what you mean. Like, one day this summer, I had to decide between staying home and writing vs. going to the zoo with my friends, and I went to the zoo. It turned out to be an awesome idea. I didn't really get any inspiration from it, but it cleared up my head and got the creative juices flowing again.

  5. There is a lot I love about this post -- the levitating, the living life, the conquered writer's block -- but mostly I'm commenting because mamarazzi is my new favorite word.

  6. First. OH MY, your kids are so CUTE. I love their hair. My kiddos usually sport longer hair too. Can't wait to read the levitating bit.

    Last night on a date with my hubby, (yeah for dates) I sat there in the dim light of the candles, and totally thought of a sweet little romantic scene for one of my WIPs, When Dreams Awake. Thankfully, my hubby has a habit of people watching, and he didn't notice my mind furiously figuring out my scene.

  7. Thanks for your compliments, ladies!

    @Gina - THANK YOU. I am so sick of reading posts on how Writer's Block isn't real, and then having writer's block. I think I'm going nuts.

    @Francesca - I'm a little obsessed with the kids' graphic tees. And I can see how the zoo may have ended up in TN....

    Jillian - You are sweet. Unfortunately I didn't make it up. ;)

    @Jenny - Jealous you're going on dates with your husband! And "one of" your WiPs? I bow to you!

  8. Oh. My. God. Your children are beautiful. It's a wonder you get any writing done AT ALL -- you mean, you aren't spending 90 percent of your time kissing their little strawberrry blond heads and staring at them in amazement? So far, I've been blessed with no writers block, but when and if it happens, I'm going to turn to writing another genre for a week or so and see if that frees things up. Sonnets and cocktails.