Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Obsessions: UNEARTHLY, Zachary Levi singing, and Chicken Soup

Everything I was obsessed with this week. 
Because I know you want to know.

1. UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand.
Okay. I'll say it. I don't normally go so much for the Paranormal romance. I mean, I liked Twilight just as much as the next girl, but beyond that? It's not the first book I'll pick up.

Well, my incredible critique partner Gina was so extra sweet to hook me up with a copy of UNEARTHLY after she gushed about how much she looooved it.  And I read it. In one sitting. Because she was right.
 It. Is. Awesome.

I still don't actually understand what she's doing in this dress in the forest, to be honest.
Doesn't matter.
It has a sweet, sweet romance and lots of angsty coming-of-age stuff. And here's a quote I looooved:

"What do you see in a guy like Christian Prescott?" he asked me that night when he dropped me off from prom. And what he was really saying then, what would have come through loud and clear if I hadn't been so blind was, why don't you see me?

*Sigh.* Just...go read it.

2. Okay. So this is directly connected to my "Tangled" obsession from last week.
But you guys? I was not exaggerating about my crush on Chuck   Zachary Levi  no, CHUCK!
I did a little YouTube sleuthing and found this: Prepare yourselves for the awesome.
Mandy Moore. And Zachary Levi. Singing the romantic song from Tangled. Together! Live! In formalwear!

I LITERALLY COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF when I saw this video. Serious. I was, like, giddy. (Yeah. Still am.)

3. Chicken soup. Boring, I know, but since I am sick and possibly dying now in possession of a Z-PAC! Chicken soup has been my saving grace.

4. Poor, neglected WiP. I won't burden you with paragraphs this week: Just one sentence.

I lean in to kiss him, closing my eyes, lingering there for a moment. For the first time ever, it feels less like a promise and more like a goodbye.

So. What are you obsessed with this week?


  1. Ohhh I am so glad you liked Unearthly. I am so in love with Tucker I can't even see straight. Seriously, how amazing was that kiss?? It makes me want to fall in love all over again <3

    Hope that chicken soup is working miracles for you!

  2. I too love Unearthly, it was so yummy I read it in one day. I love it when a book grabs me that way :)

    and the quote from your WIP? it makes me ache.. and that's good :)

  3. Apparently I need to read Unearthly, since I've only heard good things about it. Isn't it about angels or half-angels or somesuch?

    Leigh Ann, you need to KICK THAT COLD'S ASS so you can finish ONE and GIVE IT TO ME.

  4. Ohhhh, I love all you ladies so much.

    @Gina - I actually keep rereading the kiss. I'm pathetic.

    @Cristina - OMG I LOVE YOU.

    @Francesca - I'm feeling pretty good about having ONE to you by the time you're adjusting to your schedule.

    You are all fabulous.

  5. I will have to look into Unearthly. I LOVE the little bit of your story.

    Have you seen the season 5 promo pic of Chuck and Sarah? He looks so American James Bond.

  6. Ooooh tingles when Mr. Levi comes out! I love it. I am obsessed with Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Just had a piece for my birthday! Who cares if its 200,000 calories right?

  7. I'm obsessed with checking my email every two seconds to see if an agent has written to tell me how fabulous my novel is.

  8. Fellow crusader here from your group dropping by to say hello :)

    I've been obsessed with finishing these revisions on my WiP! I hope you were able to beat that cold, I'm just getting over one myself :(