Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Obsessions: New Coldplay, Outstanding CPs, and Tater Tots

Everything I was obsessed with this week. 
Because I know you want to know.

1. Oh, heavens to Betsy. It's NEW COLDPLAY.
Close the door, crank up your speakers, sit back, and bliss out. Simply incredible.
(It might be good for your writing too. If you listen to this song your book will be a bestseller. Promise.)

2. My CPs. You guys, I have the best CPs on the planet (I'm looking at you too, Heidi.)

 I'll just come right out and say it - I've been reading the mushy-gushy scenes from Gina's first novel when I feel, well, like I want to read something mushy gushy. And then last night, she sent me three chapters from a new one and *sigh* - incredible.

 I'm obsessed with Chessie's book, not only because I'm in the middle of critiquing it.  I became uber obsessed when she sent me a mushy-gushy-yet-super-intense scene of her own, which I somehow forced myself to stop reading after only two five twelve times.

I have favorite books just like anyone else. It says a ton that these are two of my go-tos, even over a bunch of  published, bestselling ones. So I'm pretty sure these ladies will be published and bestselling too.

3. Tater Tots
Tater tots are one of the most perfect foods in existence.  There's nothing like those tiny cubed potatoes, compounded into nuggets and encased in a crunchy, golden, greasy shell. You don't even have to chew them if you don't want to - those little pre-masticated bits are just as easily broken out of their tasty casings between tongue and roof of mouth. Best of all, they taste like they came out of the fast food fryer, but  - and this is important - you don't have to actually go to the fast food place to get them.

Oh, and since I know you're wondering - with barbecue sauce. Is there any other way?

4. Alllllrighty. I hestiated this week to share some of ONE, mostly because we are in a fight. I worked on this sucker at NaNo speed throughout August, only to hit the worst of blocks once September rolled in. In the last two weeks? I've written 4500 words. Compared to August's FIFTY THOUSAND.

Yes, I am now working at 1/5 the speed I was just a few weeks ago. So needless to say I'm not feeling so warm and fuzzy toward the ol' WiP. But I figure maybe your cheerleading will break the block. *fingers crossed*

Meet Leni (short for Helen.) She's been buds with Elias forever, and all her friends are bitchy, dieting cheerleaders. Here's a scene where Merrin (MC) sits down to have lunch with them.

“Is she crushing on Elias?” another brunette girl asks while unpacking her lowfat yogurt and carrot sticks. I have to keep from rolling my eyes, though I know that now I’m definitely not pulling out that candy bar I was going to call lunch.
“Save your energy, honey. Elias VanDyne has only dated one girl at this school, and that was back when we were little freshmen.”
I raise my eybrows at her, silently questioning - I can’t help it - and then she suppresses as grin and points at, her index finger making a circle in the air.
“Yep. Helen and Elias, sittin’ in a tree…”
Leni rolls her eyes, pushes the girl lightly on the shoulder, and says, “Quit it. You know I was too good for him.” She laughs, and all the other girls eye each other.
Oh. So Leni’s the ringleader of this group. That could be really good or really, really bad. Depending on how much she feels like sticking up for me.
“Yeah. Too good for all the boys at this school, apparently.”
“You know it.” Leni smiles, but it’s the same face I’ve seen on her once before, and on Elias. Faking it.


  1. FoodFoodFoodFoodFoodFoodFoodFoodFood

    And also: KETCHUP.

    Whenever I want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? I go read the end of TT.

    And YOU CAN DO IT! Because these excerpts are always awesome! And I want to read ONE, woman!

    Crap! I have to go to class!

  2. That is by far the most in-depth, enthusiastic decription of a tater tot I have ever come across. You are too funny.

    You just gave me warm fuzzies by saying you go back and re-read LBD. If it works for you the way Tucker & Clara's kiss works for me, then I can die happy.

    I love the excerpt. But whyyyyy do the bitchy anorexics always get typecast as cheerleaders? I knew so many nice, normal girls on the cheerleading squad, and I knew plenty of self-obsessed bitches who'd never done spirit fingers in their life. *Ahem. Steps off soapbox*

    P.S. I heart you

  3. LADIES! Always good to end the week with a love fest, huh?

    @Chessie - You make my heart ache. You know hungry college students tear me apart inside.

    And what you said about TT made my heart leap. You are too much, lady.

    @Gina - It's the ice cream in the sand. And obviously the cutting room floor scene. Mmmmmm

    Also, this comment is the perfect example of WHY I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE ON TEAM ONE. Although. Merrin is pretty skinny and bitchy herself. In context, I hope it'll be a little ironic. And earlier I describe Leni as curvy. But. You're probably right, because you always are.

    <3 You BOTH!

  4. Such a great excerpt! I want to keep reading. Keep it up! And I love tots and Coldplay too :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. Hi Leigh Ann, I am a fellow Campaigner and a new follower. I want to wish you a great weekend. You also follow my blog, Literary Snippets and I appreciate it.

    Follow your muse and happy authoring!


  6. So, I was listening to the Coldplay while reading your excerpt. It was an interesting experience. xD I liked both though. :)It made me want to find out more about Helen and Elias.

    And your tater-tot paragraph made me laugh. I agree with Gina. You ARE too funny. That picture made my stomach grumble.

    Oh and good luck on the WIP! I'm cheering for you with pom poms! Go, Leigh Ann, go! You can do it!

  7. You enticed me with Coldplay, hooked me the Tater Tots and sold me on your excerpt. Great post!

  8. WooHoo! My book's going to be a bestseller! Love Coldplay.

    And there is something else. Fry Sauce, aka Pink Sauce. It's the best. Trust me.

    I LOVED your excerpt!

  9. @Sarah, Gary, and Mina - Thanks!

    @Lyla - You are too, too sweet. If we ever end up on a writer's retreat together, I'll bring the tots.

    @Peggy - is that mayo and ketchup? Thanks for the WiP love - you have to know it means so much to me...

    ....from all of you. <3

  10. Tator tot are the food of the gods. I prefer mine with ranch. YAY, new Coldplay.

    Love the tidbit from your WIP.