Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2189 Words in 6 Days and a Beautiful Disaster

I have reached my word count goal.

The only problem?  The story's not finished.  (Seriously?  How?)

It is a disaster, but it is mine, and it is so beautiful.  The unfinished parts are kind of important and scattered, unfortunately, throughout the story.  I have to tie up maybe one of the most important conflict lines without making it feel rushed.  I have to do that while still leaving plenty of room for the next book in the series to latch on.  I have to decide whether, where and how my MC and the boy she loves are going to Do It, and whether there will be fallout, and what that will be, and whether that will ruin the next book, or whether I'll just keep that for the next book where it probably really belongs.  (I don't think they will Do It, by the way, although at the outset I did and I kindasorta wrote the scene.)

And I'm still adding new twists!  And heartbreaking scenes!  And great details!  Oh, I'm so in love.

The new goal is 84,000 words in the first draft, which works out to 14 chapters of 6,000 words.  Obviously, I'll keep you posted. 

Here are the stats.

Total words: 70682
Listening To: "Confidence" by Teddy Geiger (EMO!!!)
Obsessed with:  Harry Potter 7.1 on DVD next week Omigod!!!!!!


  1. Go Leigh Ann! My ms is currently at 84,000 words, and I'm still trying to whittle it down a little. I so wanted to have them Do It, but alas, it only made sense to have it implied in the end. In my mind, it's Done. :)