Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2222 Words in 3 days, and Editing -While-Writing Gives Way to a New Acronym

Hello, friends.

So I told you in my last post how I'm finishing up writing the end of my first draft while going back and editing/beta-ing the first chapters.  I know, I know.  I've read all the advice, times one hundred ad nauseum, about How I'm Supposed to Do This:  write the whole draft, shelve it for a couple of weeks, then go back and start reading again.  I understand the wisdom of that, really I do.  But that's not how it worked out for me, and you know what?  I'm actually finding this whole writing-while-editing thing kind of awesome.  Going back and reading the beginning reminds me of little details I may have forgotten I already included, and it helps me keep characters consistent, or update them as I go.  Plus, it's given rise to a new acronym that I can just insert for myself when I want to make sure I rewrite something:

FTLOGPRWT  (For the love of G-d please rewrite this.)

Good times, friends, good times.

Words Written:  2222 (in 3 days)
Total Words: 78242
Chapters Edited: 2
Listening To: The Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack.  Delicious.
Obsessed with: the sunshine that stubbornly shines between storms here in Dayton.  Monday's forecast said, "A Very Rough Week Ahead," and this sunshine is out to prove it wrong.  Thank God.


  1. In both my novels and my thesis, I would write things like...

    BLAH BLAH BLAH FILL THIS IN LATER and then keep going with the rest of the sentence.

    My thesis advisor found it especially amusing when he would come across either because I neeeded help or I'd forgotten it was there.

  2. I've been "finished" with my novel for a year, and I'm still editing. Twice already, I sent chapters to a crit partner and then e-mailed her back and told her to delete them because I'd made major changes. It's quite a process, this writing biz!
    And I read your post below- "all kinds of win?" That is beyond awesome!!