Saturday, April 23, 2011

6000 Words in 17 Days (Yikes!)

So, since my last post, a LOT has happened.  My sweetie baby sister got married, for one, and I was the matron of honor, and my kids were all in the wedding party to boot.  Fun/craziness!
IMG_2971 bwcopy
(isn't she beautiful?)

Passover hit, which entailed at least two full days of cleaning, cooking, prepping, dressing children, and driving to/attending Seders (thanks to the two fabulous families that hosted us!)

My sweetie baby girl turned ONE!

Um....anyone who is actively writing a novel want to beta for me?  I'll do the same for you!  Puh-leeese?

Here are the stats.  For 17 days (oy):

Words written: 6000-ish
Pages edited: 45-ish
Total Words: 76020
Obsessed with: Matzah, butter, and honey.  Go try it, right now.  Now.
Listening to:  "Hesitate" by Steve Moakler.