Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Live Blog

Hi my most patient and dedicated of readers! Thursday is my day (mostly) off, and I don't have to be anywhere until 5:30, so I'm anti-procrastination live-blogging today!

I want to edit the final five (!!!!) Chapters of ONE, then send it to Kinkos to print so I can start doing the second-pass edit this weekend.

In addition, I have an insane amount of cooking and cleaning to do.

This morning's cooking projects include:
Double batch of oatmeal chocolate chip muffins
Spiced pear sauce (I am seriously freaking-out excited to eat this)
Chopping veggies for chicken and noodles today, cholent tomorrow, and lentil soup Tuesday
Chicken and noodles for dinner
Double batch of matzo balls
Eggs for breakfast sandwiches for the next two days
Prep the kids' lunches for tomorrow

I also have to:
Clean 2  1 bathrooms
Change the kids' sheets
Change our sheets
Do two loads of laundry
(Folded two) Fold five loads of laundry and put away six
Re-hang all the work clothes I have strewn around the study right now.
Clean the dining room table (does yours accumulate as much crap as ours?)
Clean the living room and spot-clean the carpets (kids are disgusting. We'll leave it at that.)

Wheee! Let's go.

4:45 AM - I drag myself out of bed. Clearly still trying to work out the best sleep schedule to wake up refreshed and alert, because all I can manage to do for the next hour is answer a few emails and comment on a few blogs. FAIL.

5:45 AM - Hair and makeup done and coffee brewed.

7:15 AM - One load of laundry in. Double batch of muffins done. Kids woken, fed, dressed, and packed in the car.

7:20 AM - David offers to take the kids to school and I almost weep with relief.

7:30 AM - Kids are gone and I'm off to grocery shop.

8:45 AM - Return home from grocery shopping with waaay more groceries than I intended (trying to avoid shopping Sunday, so I got a whole load instead of just the ingredients I needed today.)

8:55 AM - Get on the computer to submit my pitch to the Op Awesome Contest because it opens at 9. Navigate to the site and see that there are already 15 comments!!!! What!?!? Scramble to copy and paste my (prepped, thanks CPs) pitch from Evernote, click "post," then realize IT WAS THE WRONG PITCH. WHY DIDN'T EVERNOTE SYNC #&%$&*($&%()(????????

9:00 AM - Finally get the right pitch posted, then realize the punctuation is bad. Kill me now.

9:20 - Have procrastinated and chatted a bit on Twitter a bit. *hangs head in shame* Although. I have made an important decision. It's a JANE EYRE (read: Michael Fassbender) kind of morning. Gonna get to work now with it playing in the background.

(I know. Yum.)
10:45 - Groceries put away, veggies chopped, portioned, and stored, Pears, raspberries (found in the back of the freezer ftw) and orange zest in the crock pot for pear sauce, chicken soup simmering, matzo ball batter chilling.  Fruit washed and cut for kids' next three meals.

10:48 - Paused to watch the most romantic scene in the whole damn movie. Goooood timing. Mmmm.

11:30 - Laundry's in, lunches packed, tweeted a spell, movie's over. ("Edward, I am come back to you." Guh.)  Switching to MANSFIELD PARK!

1:45 - Finished the chicken and noodles, the matza balls, and the eggs for breakfasts for the next couple mornings. First load of dishes drying, cleaned the kitchen (had to do a deeper clean than anticipated because it was scuz-zy), took out the trash, cleaned out the fridge, froze a bunch of chicken broth. Mopped the floor. Finished the loads of laundry.

Take cookies and pizza crusts off the cooking list because they're just not necessary today.

Read an email from my dear darling awesome CP Jean giving me some crit about TT's first 100 pages. It was one of those awesome crits that had me nodding my head in agreement most of the time, and also has my stomach twisting because now I'm wondering if I should try to make those edits before Baker's Dozen goes live to agents (i.e. lock myself in the office all weekend editing.) I think they would probably take 6-8 hours. Emailing my other CPs to ask a "what would you do?"

Oh, geez. Oh geez.

1:55 - Okay, reading the email again, maybe the edits aren't that earth-shattering at all. Maybe it would take me on the low end of 6-8 hours.

Also, Alexa sent me this:

*jaw drops*

2:10 - Get a call from the pregnant-lady chiro I've been trying to see that she can take me at 4:45 tonight!!! Heavens rejoice!!!! (Because I'm pretty sure my back's gonna fall off sometime here.) Email my boss, hope it's okay that I don't come to this event at 5:30 tonight and try to make it to a later one instead.

2:31 - Ohhh geez. Realize I've been sitting staring at the computer for the last 20 minutes doing pretty much nothing. &$*(+@*&(*& Off to clean the bathrooms.

3:00 - Threw a second load of dishes in the dishwasher, blended up the pear sauce (you guys I swear to you I am a freaking culinary genius.

3:15 - Change the kids' bedding. Discover a pile of blankets that are damp and smell distinctly of urine. I'd like to say it was one of the boys, but I'm pretty sure it was Nesyah, since her chubby little naked booty was running around the house for a good fifteen minutes this morning. That's loads three, four, and five of laundry.

3:45 -  Cleaned the kids' bathroom (the grossest) and pick up the living room. Contemplate scraping melted crayon off the heating vents. Decide against it. Clean fingerprints off the TV and dust everything ("dust" = scrape dried yogurt and smeared chocolate chips off several surfaces.)

4:10 - Change laundry and vaccuum everything, after digging wads of accumulated dirt out of the vaccuum.

4:20 - Check email. A relief since hips are about to shake apart and onto the floor. A SUPER relief because ALL OF MY CPs HAVE ANSWERED MY EMAIL OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They say I shouldn't do all the edits, but I should tackle one of them. That, I can handle.

4:48 - Okay. Reply to my CPs, who are all freaking geniuses, then make up the bed and fold some laundry SUPER quickly. Hopefully get a little writing done between 5:15 and when the monsters sweet baby darlings get home.

8:00 - After a fast appointment, managed to fold two loads of laundry and put them away. Gave the kids dinner - Nesyah and Asher at FIFTEEN matza balls between them. They must be mutants. Bathtime, bedtime, collapse. Luckily David is game to serve me dinner while I lounge on the couch.

11:00 - Wake up from having fallen asleep on the couch. Check my email (duh.) CHESSIE HAS SUGGESTED THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO MY MS PROBLEM. And now the gears in my head are turning. Return the email, make some in-MS notes in my Kindle, and crash in my real bed this time. Starting all over again tomorrow!


  1. I haven't been very dedicated lately, but I'm here now! And that is quite the schedule. Maybe I need to wake up earlier if I'm to get any writing done.

    I pitched to the same contest. And your pitch sold me. Best of luck! :)

  2. LOL, I used that same photo on my blog a ways back. LOVE HIM!

  3. PS Hope you don't mind I entered the contest too!

  4. I LOVE When you live blog because I can continuously check it all day and it honestly makes my day, btw everyone in my class asked who the hot guy was that I was reading about, I'm sharing your awesomeness with Geography 430 :P

  5. You do your hair and makeup, too?!?!?!

  6. @David - Thanks!

    @Mara - Yum, right? Glad you found the contest. :)

    @Alexa - HEY GIRL!!! You know you're my favorite (only?) stalker. xo

    @Jean - I just do it so as not to scare anyone. You'll see if we ever retreat together.

  7. Can I just say that I love your Anti-Procrastination live blogs with the passion of a fiery sun? I think it's because a routine junkie, and maybe a voyeur too? Anyway, you always come off super-productive FYI. Amazed at how many things you get done in a day!

  8. Damn girl, you make my accomplishments from yesterday look like I sat around picking my nose all day. Your Thursday sounds like my Saturday!

  9. @Annalise - I love YOU with the passion of a fiery sun. So it works out. (It's just survival mode. Really.)

    @G - Bahahahahah NO. Your doctor's office experience ALONE is worth, like 2 hours of chores.

  10. BLOG MENTION FTW....i'm glad I know you in real life so this mass amount of stalking doesn't seem so creepy....haha

  11. holy moses girl!!!! you are BUSY!!!! wow I probably accomplish in a day what you accomplish in an hour.

    sending you good luck vibes for both the pitch contest and Baker's Dozen :)

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