Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Obsessions: New T-shirt, Avengers Menorah, and Reading! Lots of Reading!

Sometimes the week flies by so fast that I swear I won't have anything I've been obsessing over to share with you on Friday. And then...whaddaya know? So, here it is -

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. My new t-shirt.

Okay. So being a Jew and whatnot, I'm not exactly accustomed to giving and receiving Christmas gifts. But when Gina started talking about the epic package she was going to send me for Christmas, well, I got pretty stoked. She's so thoughtful that I knew it'd be something sweet.

You guys? I totally underestimated her. Check out the t-shirt G sent me.

Confused? There are no inside jokes here. Click over to this post where I explain it all.

Bahahahaha are you laughing yet? Because I did for a good twenty minutes. And then I wore the shirt to work the next day. And I'll probably wear it again this weekend.

2. The Avengers Menorah.

I want my kids to be psyched about Chanukah. So when I hauled out the Chanukah box and realized that our kid menorahs are a little....well, not lame, I wouldn't say, but cutesey-boring maybe?....I asked the boys what kind of menorah they wanted this year. I figured I'd Google it, order one, and we'd have a great holiday.

They told me they wanted an Avengers menorah.

But Avengers menorahs do not exist....

until now.

Behold, my craftiest craftiness of the year. I stole some of their toys, and a block of wood, some hardware nuts, spray paint, and a s*%t ton of epoxy, and we've got ourselves one of our very own.  Yeah, I was totally obsessed with getting this done. So. Worth it.

3. Reading. So so much reading.

Guess what I finally got on my Kindle just about an hour ago?

The Official First Draft of ONE!

Since it's hanging out in Chessie and Maggie's inboxes right now, and there's not much for me to do on it until they start sending me bits of feedback....

I get to read. A lot.
It feels luxurious.

Check out my TBR pile:

Not to mention, I get to start critiquing a second project for Chessie! I am seriously over-the-moon-obsessed.

Oh! And Prince Charming. But that's a given. Here's a picture anyway. (You're welcome.)

Your turn, loves! What were YOU obsessed with this week?


  1. That T-shirt ROCKS!! LOL

    Wait a second?? is that an ARC for Hallowed????? I am GREEN with envy!

    my obsession this week has been black bean brownies!! I know it sounds gross.. but they are AMAZING and hey there's beans in it so technically it's a healthy food, right? they are soooo yummy!

  2. Prince Charming!!! Oh I lust for him. He wasn't even in the last episode, though I was kind of okay with it because Graham is pretty hot, too.

    I'm so glad you like your shirt :) I couldn't stop laughing either when I saw it. You should've posted the picture where you're wearing it - you make one sexy woodchippin' mama!

    And BTW did you not want to die when you saw the little booties for #4?

  3. @Cristina

    Yes.....What can I say? I must have batted my eyes enough to convince my sender that I needed it. :D

    And...recipe, please.

  4. @Gina

    You know? I did kind of dig Graham, with all his facial hair, which is unusual for me.

    I don't know if I'd describe my pregnant body as "sexy..." but maybe "woodchippin."

    And yes, I melted in a puddle with the booties. The toes are my favorite part. Those and the bottom. Delicious babies.

  5. The Avengers menorah is SO COOL. You are a crafty lady. :)

  6. What a great menorah! The kids must love it. Oh yeah, the adults probably love it even more though it is so cool.

  7. Love The Avengers menorah! That is fabulous.

    Glad to hear that ONE is starting to make the rounds! I can't wait until I see it in my inbox!

    Great TBR pile, by the way. I just finished Crossed and am working on Nightshade myself.

  8. i see that bossypants is in your TBR pile.

    get ready to laugh. a lot.

    like so hard that you're going to have to take momentary breaks from reading because the tears will be streaming out of your eyes with such frequency that you won't be able to see the page. and your sides will hurt.

    i loved it.

  9. Just caught up on all of your blogs! Missed you, catch up soon? How do you have Hallowed?!?!?!

  10. woodchipper/chipper = HILARIOUS. the menorah = FABULOUS. you are a very handy woman. reading = oohhh, I want to hear how you like all those books. writing = IT'S IN MY INBOX NOW. it's like you hyped it up until I fell for it. good marketing.