Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Obsessions: Inspirational Quotes, Coconut Bonbons, and Ilana the Drummer

Hello, writing/reading/friend-type loves! It's been a bang-up week over here. While Christian folk are still getting ready for their holiday, we Jews are smack-dab in the middle of ours. I'm a weird mix of exhausted already and psyched for the rest. Check out my Chanukah monsters on night one.

Well, enough of that. Let's get on with the show.

Here's everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. Inspirational Writing Quotes. Yeah. I'm a cheeseball. (Hope Gina will still be friends with me.)

Being done with drafting leaves me a bit more...creative time on my hands. Since I'm all in a critique partner head these few days, my version of "making stuff" seems to be "making inspirational quotes about writing pretty in Photoshop."

I did one today, which I'll share here, mostly because the next one I'm prettying up involves profanity. (What can you do? Brilliance is brilliance.) Here ya go.

2. Coconut Bonbons.  So, you know how I used to live in Kansas City? And it pretty much was not a really great place for our family to live except for, like five reasons?

Well, one of those reasons was Chase coconut bonbons. They're made in Missouri and sold in grocery stores in about a two-hour radius of the factory. And I miss them. Dearly.

So, you know, I had a pretty decent run over at the Miss Snark's First Victim Baker's Dozen auction, and also I'm six months pregnant and darn uncomfortable already, and I was all, I DESERVE SOME BONBONS. So I ordered a bunch of them, and now they are back in my mouth again. Nom nom.


3. Another amazing girl drummer.
I added this song to the playlist for critiquing Chessie's NaNo book (which, oh yeah, obsession #4 this week), and then I was thinking about how my MC is a drummer and how she would totally own the drum line on this song. So of course I searched for a drum cover of it on You Tube, and lo, the heavens opened and gave me this video of teen-girl Ilana TOTALLY OWNING THE DRUM LINE on this song.

And seriously, you guys? If her hair's a little lighter and wavier, she's my MC and I just...I don't even....gaaaaah. I cannot stop watching this video. (Thanks, Ilana. You rule.)

That's about it for me!  Now it's your turn - tell me what you were obsessed with this week down in the comments - I seriously want to know.

(And I'll leave you with my Chanukah greeting to writers and general BAMFs alike:)

Happy Chanukah Leigh Ann


  1. Aww, so cute! Happy holidays to you as well!

    I'm obsessed with the sugar cookies my mother sent to me. I only have a dozen left. They just keep ending up in my hand and then I have to eat them!

  2. Happy Chanukah!

    I'm waiting to eat the oh so chocolatey Christmas cake hiding in the kitchen. I was ill last Christmas so I'm really looking forward to getting to eat dinner this year!

  3. Happy Chanukah, Leigh Ann! I love your site (n' especially the "Haters gonna hate" menorah) n' this week being Christmas week at my house, I am obsessed, absolutely n' totally OBSESSED, with dreams, n' what dreams mean to each of us. (Especially those of us lucky enough to be living n' chasing our dreams!)

    My quote of the week is from the band R.E.M.:
    "Wing/Is written on your feet/Your Achilles heel/Is a tendency/To dream/But you've known that from the beginning...."

    Much Christmas love to you, n' to all the dream-chasers who visit this site!


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