Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Obsessions: New Covers for POSSESSION and SURRENDER!!!

You guys, it's been one of those weird weeks where I have felt very busy, but when I look back on it, I haven't gotten too terribly much done writing-wise. I mean, I did a synopsis, which ate a whole day, and probably a good chunk of my CPs' (thanks, ladies, for your love and patience.) And the synopsis is pretty good.

So I guess that's something.

I would say I'm in a sad, sad state for obsessions. I'm sleeping WAY more than I'm accustomed to (or would like to) and I'm eating WAY less than I'm accustomed to (or would like to) thanks to squished stomach space.

(In other words - We can blame my little monster sweetheart-on-the-way for lack of gushing posts about TV shows or tater tots, which I know we all LOVE.)

But wouldn't you know it? The writing community is made up of amazing people who are always THERE FOR EACH OTHER. So, in addition to being an extra-classy authoress, Elana Johnson must also be psychic. Because she asked a handful of lucky bloggers the other day if we'd be up for showing off her new covers.

Let me say that again: SHOWING OFF HER NEW COVERS.

Um. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES. I've had an author crush on Elana Johnson ever since I read her first book, POSSESSION. This week's obsession (and probably all the weeks till June): FOUND.

So, without further ado, THE COVERS!!!

Here's the new one for POSSESSION:

And here's SURRENDER's (swoon, swoon, I'm dying over here)

Now, let's recap. A little cover commentary.

1. The color fade just BLEW ME AWAY. I don't know how something so subtle could be so powerful - probably because the intensity of color really is strongest at the bottom right corner, making you just want to grab it and open it and OH GEEZ WHY IS THIS BOOK NOT OUT UNTIL JUNE 5????

2. For those of you who have read POSSESSION, you'll understand how apropos the image of a butterfly in an ice cube is. The creature is so beautiful, but so hopelessly trapped.

Except...butterflies are stronger than they seem, stronger than people expect them to be. Just like Vi. And if you look carefully, there's the smallest crack in that ice cube...the smallest chance that she'll be able to escape.

And if you know Vi? She' going to take that chance, or die trying.

3. I haven't read SURRENDER yet (much to my chagrin) but this cover image of a hummingbird hovering at the mouth of a glass jar has me absolutely buzzing to get my hands on it. It's looking out of the side of the jar, even though escape awaits it at the top.

This cover tells me that there's a clear way for Vi to escape all the terrifying ridiculousness going on in her life (read POSSESSION to find out what that is!), and that maybe she senses that the escape exists, but she has no idea where to look. She just has to find it, and she'll bust out of there like a mofo.

The last word: It's a good thing I can't preorder books more than once. Because I'm pretty sure I've already tried to order SURRENDER about six times. This cover just makes the urge that much stronger....which is awesome.

So...what do you think of the new covers? I know Elana's DYING to know!


  1. Ah! They ARE awesome! And I feel like the new colors/fonts fit the story much better, too...

  2. AHHH Those are incredible!!! Can't wait to read SO PUMPED I will obviously be rereading possession too....

  3. I always tell myself I need to give POSSESSION a go, but I haven't been to the bookstore since August-ish. (I'm denying myself for good reason--I'm broke.) but I do really like the cover.

  4. The images for both are so incredible! I think that she really struck gold in the cover department. I love them! Actually, I love everything about this post! You are getting me so excited for Surrender to come out! (You do know it won't be from Vi's perspective, right?)

  5. ...I continue to see these covers scattered across Blogland. This bookworm has grown intrigued ;)



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