Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Obsessions: Unagented Writers, Blankets, and Query Fever

Hi there, everyone! How was your first week back to the Real World after holiday breaks? (Please don't tell me if you've not gone back yet. I know who you are and I'm sufficiently jealous, okay?) Seriously, though, even though things get crazier when the students get back to campus, I like it much much better when they're here. Things are busier, days go by faster, I get to feed more people. It works out.

Aaaanyway. Let's do this.

Everything I was obsessed with this week.
Because I know you want to know.

1. Unagented Writers. Yep! I'm guest posting this morning about the awesomeness of unagented writers over at Zap's Lobster Tank. So come check me out.

The only thing I'm almost as as obsessed with as the writers is that I wrangled myself a guest post slot over there. Brushes with celebrity, friends. This is where unagented writers get their kicks.

2. Blankets. And couches. And hibernation.

I am not even kidding, it was like twelve degrees here a couple days this week. I am fantasizing about sitting on the couch for hours under stacks of blankets to read/write/crit this weekend. Not that it'll happen, but....yeah.

Oh, excuse me. I just lost, like, fifteen minutes of my life electric-blanket shopping on Amazon.

3. Finding the Perfect Mocktail
I need a drink. Like, really really. But when you're 6 months pregnant, that's not exactly socially medically acceptable.

It's getting sad, you guys. SAD. The other night I mixed orange juice with Sprite to approximate a mimosa? Maybe? I don't know. I'm going crazy.

Send me your recipes. PLEASE.




  3. I loved your guest spot! If you are looking at electric blankets, you need a bed heater! I have one at home you turn it on like a half hour before you want to go to bed, you get in and its like the warmest thing you can imagine it is a NECESSITY!

  4. First, your FA Friday post was FA.

    Second... it's terrible, but my obsession this week is paranoia that I'm going to get fired from my job. I dreamed last night that someone caught me with a Word Document open and threatened to kick my ass to the curb. I think it's because I got so much writing-related stuff done yesterday, but I don't know why I feel guilty about it... our systems were down and I literally couldn't do my work-work!

    Ugh. If I weren't so happy with how my revisions are coming, I'd be seriously freaked out right now. Have a great weekend, lady <3

  5. pineapple juice and sprite are good together too. Also pineapple juice and green Kool-Aid. You could probably mix all three but that's getting a little dangerous. :)

    Have you ever made root beer? All it takes is root beer extract, sugar, water, and dry ice. We make it every year for Halloween. The kids love the dry ice fog and if you're craving something fun, that'll do it.

  6. It was incredibly cold here too, so I hunkered down and read my heart out! No electric blankets here, but I had at least 4, plus two cats ;o)

    Strong tea (decaf is okay too, so long as strong) + good limeade + purple grape juice

    "Virgin Sangria" --> I LOVE it! I'll even take it to work some mornings, haha ((College campuses: LOVE THEM! But sometimes, sometimes, def need a strong drink))

  7. Awe-inspiring column at Zap's Lobster Tank, Leigh Ann! You're a ROCK STAR!! ㋡