Monday, January 2, 2012

Will 2012 Be Your Year?

I'm just gonna say it right now: 2012 is going to be My Year.

How do I know? Because I'm going to make it My Year. Just like I did with 2011.

Here's how I made 2011 My Year:

  • I wrote. Every. Single. Day.
  • I blogged. A lot.
  • I read. A lot.
  • I finished THE TRAVELERS.
  • I met handfuls, bunches, and scads of amazing, kind, and brilliant writers.
  • I got very, very lucky, and some of those writers agreed to critique TT. I listened to their suggestions for how to make it better. Then I made it better.
  • I attended WriteonCon in August.
  • I learned how to write a query letter. And a synopsis. And a two sentence pitch. And a one sentence pitch. And a Twitter pitch. And a logline. And I learned how to make a first page sparkle.
  • I sent almost a hundred queries and entered lots of blog contests for TT. I even got some requests!
  • I learned to deal with rejection. A LOT of rejection. (I even cried the ugly cry!) Then I learned to accept that no matter what, it's not easy.
  • I started writing ONE as soon as the first query went out on TT.
  • I got super, extra, turbo lucky, and some of those writers became dear friends to me (and Aunties to my kids!)
  • I wrote ONE much better than I wrote TT, in more ways than I can count.
  • I decided to stop querying TT. (That hurt. A lot.)
  • I critiqued six-ish projects from other writers while I was doing all of the above.
  • I assembled an amazing team of 6 (six!) critique partners in two rounds for ONE (hi ladies, I love you all so much.)
  • I started revising ONE according to their suggestions. 

"But, Leigh Ann," you might say. "You didn't sign with an agent, or sell a book, or or or or or."

Nope. I sure didn't. Would I have liked to? Absolutely. I mean, yeah. That would have put me over the moon.

But I took every single step I had to in order to get there.
I learned, I pushed myself, I worked my butt off, I failed (kind of spectacularly,) I learned some more, I worked my butt off some more.

So, how am I going to make sure that 2012 is My Year?

I'm going to do exactly the same thing.

More specifically, here's what's on tap in my writing world for 2012:

  • Revise and polish ONE.
  • Write, rewrite, and rewrite again all the queries, pitches, and other agent-seeking accouterments for ONE.
  • Query and contest the heck out of ONE.
  • Attend WriteOnCon.
  • Outline manuscript #3.
  • Write manuscript #3.
  • Rewrite, revise, and polish manuscript #3
  • Attend SCBWI NYC (okay, I know that's technically 2013, throw me a bone. I'm excited.)
  • Read a lot.
  • Blog a lot.
  • Critique a lot.
  • Write. Every. Single. Day. (except maybe the day that I'm supposed to help this new little human get out of my body. But I'm sure I get a pass for that, right? And honestly probably I'll write that day too. Labor can get boring.

Will I get requests for ONE?
Probably, though I wouldn't place bets on it.

Am I going to sign with an agent? 
Maybe not.

Will I sell a book?
Probably not.

Will I attain widespread fame and fortune?
In a parallel universe, maybe.

But that's okay. Because I know I'm trying my absolute hardest to get there.

So, what about you? Will 2012 be YOUR year?

The only one who can decide whether 2012 will be your year is you.  And, as Sugar says, no one is going to give you a thing. You have to go out and get it for yourself.

So, if you want 2012 to be your year, my dear writing loves, then set your mind to buckling down and getting to work. Make it happen no matter what. Because you're the only one who really can.

Now, please tell me, because I really want to know. How are you going to make sure 2012 is Your Year?


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I'd become a little wary of 2012 - I was so disappointed after being sure I'd get an agent for 2011 that I forgot that I accomplished plenty of other things. But hey, I'm closer than I ever was before, and you're right, the only person who can make 2012 MY YEAR is me!

    Also, I can't wait for Write On Con again. It was way so much awesome.

  2. Such a great list. Success shouldn't be measured in the big things alone. You made some really huge decisions last year.

    I'm feeling really positive about 2012, but at the same time I know rejections will come my way. I think I should start collecting boxes of Kleenex now :P

  3. love this post! you have done so much this past year.. I love your energy and determination :) and you're growing a little person while doing all that? seriously? you are like wonder woman.

    For this next year I plan to write, write and then write some more... and when I'm not writing I'll be reading and loving on my little family. That's it for me.

    Happy New Year, lady!

  4. Your posts ALWAYS light a fire under my ass, Leigh Ann! WOW!!! I cannot think of a more inspirational way to start the New Year (and believe me, this year is Your Year and this is My Year!) than to read the hard-earned n' uplifting words you so generously shared from your ♥ today.

    You open my eyes to all the glory of living this dream, n' not getting caught up in whether I'm a "success" or a "spectacular failure" in others' eyes.

    You so fucking ROCK!!! ♥♥♥

  5. Happy New Year!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    I know 2012 will be my year. I've earned it dammit! Whew! I feel better now that I got that off my chest!

  6. Love the list. I know you'll have a fantastic 2012.

    I'm hoping to finish my current WIP and then start another one while editing it. And more reading, blogging, and attending WriteOnCon. I'll hopefully get some querying in as well. :)

  7. You're entirely awesome, and I'm sure you'll OWN 2012. :)

    I'm determined to make 2012 by first finishing my WiP. Everything else will hopefully follow.

  8. I hope this is going to be my year! The freaking universe owes me, as far as I'm concerned.

    And since the universe has been such a bunghole to me, I'm going to demand extra favors from it on your behalf too! (And then maybe it'll put us in the same place at the same time?)

    Oh and BTW when I was snuggling my baby niece and 3 year old nephew yesterday, I was wishing I could love on my honorary nieces and nephews too... they just look so darn squeezable <33

  9. Some things are beyond your control. Since it's often a matter of timing, all you can do is keep moving forward.
    It will be my year because my second book comes out next month and I'm going to complete my third and final book by summer.

  10. This is a great post!!!

    I'm following a lot of the same goals you are. I hope all your goals are met this year!

  11. Great post. And may goals are pretty much the same as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love your enthusiasm!

    This is going to be my year too--I'm feeling really positive about it--like maybe I finally have some clue what the heck I am doing.

    So when is ONE heading my way? I'm super excited to read it!

  13. This post + you = AMAZING.

    You've acclompished a lot in 2011 and so I'm sure you're going to OWN 2012.

    I hope to finish my wip before I go off to college. *crosses fingers*

  14. Ahhhhh! So many lovely lovely comments (((snugs you all))))

    @Tamara - Yep! Me either. Let's have coffee at WriteOnCon. :)

    @Miss Cole - Of course I hope NO rejections come your way. But if they do, mine is one shoulder you can cry on. :)

    @Cristina - Go go go! You are going to write so much we'll all be stunned.

    @Sam - *blush* thank yoU!!!!!

    @Mina - Yes, dammit, you HAVE earned it. And I know you're gonna earn it even more this year. :)

    @Emy - You are going to finish it. Because I and the entire internet are sending good vibes to your wrists.

    @Gina - YES. I think it's clear the universe owes you ALL THE FAVORS. Also my kids are always arguing over which one of them you love best - a sign of success.

    @Alex - Second book release, WOOOOO! So exciting! Can't wait to read it.

    @Ron - Awesome - so much good luck!

    @ladonna - we are going to own this year. xoxo

    @Jessica - I'm glad you commented here so that we all have visual proof of your prophetess status when this comes true.

    @Heidi - AAAAAAAAH I am so nervous to send it to you. I should be done with these revisions within a couple of weeks. I want it to be shiny-ish when it gets to you. Cool?

    @Raven - My jaw always drops at high school writers. You are a wonder! I know you can do it.

    <3333 and hugs to everyone!

  15. With a post like this, I can tell that you already own 2012.

    I am going to write. That's it. Better, faster, longer, harder. I'm simply going to give my best energy to writing.

  16. @Elana Johnson Hi! If I know you (You know, as much as I can from your blog and twitter and books etc) I know that "all your energy" will produce some AMAZING things. So excited for your 2012. Thank you so much for your comment. <3

  17. Love #1 on your 2011 list, congrats, that's the way to show up and get it done!! And with a list like 2012, things will continue moving forward on the road to publication! Exciting!

    My goals are similar: keep writing, keep my agent in the loop and deal with R's as they come. All things in good time...if not this book then the next.

  18. Whoa. This lit the proverbial fire under my butt. I look back at my 2011 and wonder just what was I doing?

    So 2012? It's so mine. Hope to have a least half a productive year as your 2011.

    Best of luck!

  19. I'm so proud of you, Leigh Ann, but don't sell yourself short for 2012! I expect great things from you! Also, totally thrilled that you are going to invest in outlining this year. I think you'll find that overall, it will cut down on the time you need to spend in rewrites. You're a pro, girlie! Keep up the great work! We're ALL rooting for you!