Sunday, January 23, 2011

1560 Words - Low Word Count for a Saturday, but Decent Considering....

This Saturday only saw 1560 words, but that was waaay more than I thought I'd get considering I did a 9-month photo shoot for my daughter and edited 40 pictures as well:

IMG_8725 5x7copyIMG_8688IMG_8680

I also had to go to work for 2 hours in the morning.  But my husband did a LOT of the household chores.  I don't think I touched a dish yesterday, so that's how it all worked out.  I wrote the skeleton of a really emotional confrontation scene and an awesome scene where my character runs in heels.  Rule.

Words Written: 1560
Total Words: 34149 (WOOT!)
Listening to: Saturday morning TV, blech
Obsessed with: Matched by Ally Condie.  INCREDIBLE, and totally worth the $10 I balked at spending on it.

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