Sunday, January 23, 2011

880 Words and Running in Heels

I am a big ALIAS fan.  Yeah, I know that totally dates me, and I don't even care.  I always loved ALIAS because it was a show about a girl who totally dominated, and who always got what she wanted, no matter what.  And she did it in style.  You can bet every other girl spy out there kicks off her shoes to run, but Sydney?  She could sprint in heels.

There's a little bit of spy to this novel, and there's a little bit of Syndey Bristow in every girl I'll ever write about, ever.  Including myself.  My MC?  She doesn't have a lot of skills, but man can she run in heels.

Words Written: 880
Total Words: 35029
Listening to: Darkening Sky by Peter Bradley
Obsessed with: Matched by Ally Condie OMIGOD YOU GUYS THIS BOOK RULES GIVE ME THE SEQUEL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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