Friday, January 21, 2011

740 words in the Face of Abounding Procrastination

This morning I sat down early, before anyone else was up, to write.  I had a cup of coffee, challah dough in the bread machine, and a quiet house.  And what did I do?  I poked around Google Reader for an hour.  By then, my three-year-old was up, and I was fending him off with hot chocolate, sweets, and streaming Netflix.  Shamefully, yes.

At least Ziggy just wrote a post that tells me I'm not alone.  Hopefully more people will comment with their support and we're not the only two folks in the universe who procrastinate doing something we love.

Nevertheless, 740 pivotal words were written.  Now the challah will get braided and the children will be dressed and fed, and no one will be (much) the worse for wear.  Right?  Right.

Words Written this Morning:  740
Total Words: 32,442
Listening To:  Dora the Explorer.  Shoot me now.
Obsessed with: Soft Peppermint candies in my tea.  (And I wonder why I can't lose the baby weight...)

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