Thursday, February 10, 2011

1272 Words and I'm so spoiled.

I wrote 1272 words today.  It doesn't seem like that big of a deal until you consider that my 10-month-old is sprouting some huuuuge new teeth, and so most of my day was filled with dealing with this, and the piercing sounds that go with it:

On the upside, I am completely and totally spoiled.  Yesterday, I got two incredible presents from two different, awesome, people.  I've been pretty bummed in general lately, Elle knew, and hooked me up with the most incredible tangible and non-human thing about Columbus-Ohio.  Read about it here, you guys.  Incredible, emotional, and fattening.  Perfect.

Also, my husband hooked me up with an early Valentine's Day present.  It is a netbook so I can continue writing long after exhaustion has taken me to a permanently horizontal position each evening, and first thing in the morning for my semi-conscious ramblings.  He shrugs and says, "It's a glorified typewriter."  Which is incredible because that's exactly what I need.   I have never actually uttered the imbecilic words, "Hey honey, I'm writing a novel," but he knows everything about me.  Even the parts I would rather he didn't.  He is like the Jewish, handsome Sherlock Holmes of our relationship.  Yeah.  He even put Scrivener on the thing for me.  Love him.

Words written today: 1272
Total Words: 53022
Listening to: Some basketball game or another.  Not my favorite but he's earned it.
Obsessed with: Salty Caramel.  <3 you, Elle.


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