Tuesday, February 8, 2011

642 Words, Writing about Dreams, and Oops.

Today I struggled to capture in words that state of super-deep sleep where you are having a dream that you L-O-V-E, and you know it is a dream, but it is so awesome that you kind of hope that it's real, and so you fight to stay in it, and you are totally in denial, but you are so happy to be there.  <--- So, I'd like to say all that without sounding like a rambling idiot.

Also, I ran across this series of xtranormal videos on Youtube, and all I have to say is: Oops.  Oh, and also?  I'm not sorry.

Words written today: 642
Total Words: 50653
Listening to: "Just Say Yes" by Snow Patrol (*sigh*)
Obsessed with: Excedrin Migraine, which is allowing me to hold my head up today.


  1. Ok so this has nothing to do with your post... but it just occured to me that in one of my posts you said the first book you fell in love with was about a girl who was "also" dowdy.

    Um. I can see your picture. And you are not dowdy!

    Just had to get that off my chest!

  2. I <3 you. That is all.

    Wait! That's not all. I also love how you start sentences with "Ok so" in casual (typing) conversation. I've been berating myself for the habit and now don't feel quite so weird.

    Thanks for your comment. Made my day.

  3. LOL I save my "professional" writing for my stories. In the blogosphere, I'm just me :)

    Your kids are beautiful too!

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