Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1097 Words and Characters Growing Into Themselves

I've been really struggling to develop characters that feel really organic.   Today I was writing a scene where two boys who are interested in my MC in different ways come together to collaborate to save the day (!) when one of my characters began to show an interesting quality - he gets really excited by dangerous situations.  His chest puffs up, and he gets an infusion of energy.  It's actually really annoying to the MC, because all she's really trying to do is save his ass.  This was something I totally didn't think was going to be a quality of his.  I think that it makes him more vulnerable in a way, but also stronger.  I love him more for it.  (In case this draft ever becomes a manuscript, and that manuscript ever makes it into any of your hands, you should know - I'm on his "team."  You heard it here first.)

It's days like these that I'm so, so, SO glad to be a "pantser."

Also, I have to just say "hi" and "OMIGOD I LOVE YOU" to Gina, who doesn't think that I'm dowdy.  I only know her via the blogosphere, but she made me feel good yesterday.  Thanks, Gina.

I also want to give a shoutout to Abbey, who said she'd read my first draft as soon as it is done, it all its frustrating POS glory.  Even though she has no idea what she's getting herself into.  Thanks, dear.

Now, the report.

Words written today: 1097
Total Words: 51750
Listening to: "Ache" by James Carrington (does anyone have the CD?  Because I can't find this on Amazon mp3s and I have to keep going over to Grooveshark to listen.)
Obsessed with: Mr. Darcy. And Ohio.  Ohio a little more.


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