Monday, February 7, 2011

1487 Words and Looking Forward to Editing

Yes, indeed.  Just glanced back over a page I wrote in a creative frenzy last night and noticed this gem of a sentence beginning:

"Without thinking, she concentrated with all her might......"


I haven't discussed it here yet, but I'm what they call in the writing world a "pantser."  As in, I fly by the seat of my pants.  I got an idea for story, thought up a few names, and got to it.  From those of you who know me from other universes (Professional, Frugal blogosphere, mom stuff,) that is SO not how I usually roll.  I am fighting every natural urge in my body to edit as I go, but I know that would only stress me out.

So...I'm totally looking to finishing this bad boy up so I can start editing it.

Word-count wise, I am totally fist-punching the air.  Can I get a HUGE CHEER from ALL THREE OF YOU READING THIS for passing 50,000 words?!!?!?  If it was November, and in the space of 30 days, I would totally be a winner right now!!!  Really, it's been just under two months.  I am congratulating myself, which isn't something I do often.  Or at all, really.

This novel is for me only, and whomever wants to read it, although not that many people that I've actually met even know about it (hiiii Abbey!).  Still, I have goals, because I'd like to have an acceptable, finished book in front of me when I'm done.  I'm in love with my story and my characters and some small part of me wants other people to be, too.  Oh, yeah - I'm TOTALLY uploading this on the Kindle platform, probably for free, or super-cheap.  Just to see if anyone bites, not to get too invested or base my self-worth on it or anything.  I reserve that for other pursuits.

Words Written Today:  1487
Total Words: 50,011!!!!!
Listening To: "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine AND the Postal Service
Obsessed with: Orange Marmalade.  Again.  We were on a break, but now we're back together.  (If anyone would like to address my obvious psychological issues that manifest as referring to my food as a romantic partner, be my guest.  You'd probably save me a trip or ten to the shrink.)


  1. woo! 50k is a lot of words! mazal =)

  2. you should know that I am now addicted to yet another kopans blog. between keeping up with the frugal ima, 2 boychicks, elle's new 365 and this I am quite the busy girl and EXCELLENT (if i don't say so myself) procrastinator. :)

  3. Wheee! Two Buckeye girls! Thanks for reading, although I only am doing this project because I'm so bored without you! xoxox

  4. Per usual, I heart you. Also, I love the shot outs [I'm off to put your button on my blog now]. Please please please let me know what I can do to help you with the writing stuff [if you want somebody to edit-better than I did before-so you don't have to back track when it gets to that point and you have a few "jumping off" points, let me know].

  5. @Abbey I would ask you to beta for me but that feels a little stressful to me, like asking someone to go steady who is way too cool for you. Which is good because I guess this blog is kind of like that note where you write "Circle yes or no." So the awkwardness isn't as awful.

    It should be ready to beta by summertime. And I would pay you in Jeni's. :)

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